The Purple Cloaks

Olaf's Tower

The party get told by Ryden that he has a job for them regarding Derrin’s father’s disappearance, but to get into Candlekeep a book that they do not have must be provided. Ryden gives the group the name of two books (Vorbak the Terrible and the War that Never Was; The Sanguine Sisters of the Eternal Dynasty) and the place where they are kept, the home of a very powerful wizard – Olaf Glowdust.

After botching the first attempt and being fooled by some decoy books, Purple Serenity find their way to the tower and make their way through all of its defences and puzzles (though this took them a while) and managed to get the books from Olaf’s office, managing not to wake him. Upon their return to Candlekeep, they were allowed entry and Derrin was taken to speak to his brother.



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