The Purple Cloaks

Ghosts in Athkatla

Saguine (Part1)

Uncovering the mysterious origin story of Briss has been on the to-do list since our first few weeks. Five lengthy campaigns later and it’s getting harder and harder to meet up to do it justice. The solution? A six part story detailing the campaign that never was set between the events of Born of My Blood and Cloak and Dagger

Part 1: Ghosts in Athkatla
Part 2: One Step Behind
Part 3: A Priest in the East
Part 4: Life’s Author
Part 5: The Shambar Saints
Part 6: Family Reunion


With Ansel deep in a far away forest being treated by reclusive fey creatures, Briss had been left as the only fully fledged member of the Purple Cloaks. Briss, Millie and Tangim had arrived back at the tower a week ago and Briss had been struggling to motivate herself. Millie and Tangim were genuinely good people and they were both fiercely loyal to Briss and the Purple Cloaks. Unfortunately, their honest enthusiasm didn’t make them good fighters and Briss still didn’t feel she could rely on them in a fight. They had been on a number of small time quests but Briss knew that if they were dragged into a conflict like what she’d faced in the Silver Marches or the Underdark it would be a very different story.

Despite her doubt, Briss continued with the training. It had become habit and without the Purple Cloaks, she didn’t know where she would go. Millie and Tangim looked up to her and that was enough to keep her here… for now.

Another two weeks later and the team were returning from a brief adventure in the marshes south of Daggerford. A tribe of lizardfolk had been launching seemingly mindless raids on nearby settlements. The Purple Cloaks uncovered that an ancient bronze idol had been uncovered in the marshes and had been commanding the lizardfolk to do its bidding. Briss had taken on the role of fighter as she waded into combat with the reptilian tribe. Millie was never far from Briss, coaxing the lizardfolk into vulnerable positions and inspiring Briss with her arcane imbued songs. When the skirmish was over it was Tangim who was able to resist and silence the idol with his divine energies. Briss had expressed pride to her team and she meant it, they had done well. Down in the basement, Briss locked the idol away in one of the prison cells which had become a sort of item vault. As she did so, Briss reflected on the early adventures that had lead her here with Alyona, Theresa, Derrin and Grelda. At the time, her life had seemed so messy and complex, but looking back it was so simple.

As Briss came back upstairs, Tangim was pouring through the various letters and scrolls that had piled up in their absence. Tangim had become indispensable as the party’s accountant and secretary. Flicking through the papers, Tangim paused suddenly.
“This one’s for you boss, looks like it came from Amn.”
The gnome passed a small roll of parchment tied together with a trio of ribbons in the colours of Amn. Briss opened it there and then. As she read her mind began racing, and if she had a heartbeat it would have doubled.
“Anything interesting?” Millie quipped from the kitchen as balanced an unnecessary amount of food on a small wooden plate. Briss paused for a few moments.
“Not sure.”
Briss rolled up the scroll and tucked it into one of her many pockets before heading outside into the ground.

Briss made her way out the grounds and behind the tower to the cliff. Far below her Cloak’s private ship rocked in it mooring by the side of the Winding Water. Briss sat on the cliff and looked out across the landscape. She had to go. Looking down at the letter Briss re-read the words’



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