The Purple Cloaks

Into the Woods

After spending an evening at Derrin’s mother’s, the party venture into Cloakwood forrest. They soon come face to face with its dangers as Briss almost gets taken out by a giant spider. Not long after dispatching with that danger, they comes across shapeshifting rats. Alyona gets infected with filth fever before they take a rest and Grelda cures her.

Venturing further into the woods, the group finds a man dying at the entrance to a cave. He claims his brother was taken by a pack of werewolves. The party head into the cave to investigate. Theresa howls and a werewolf comes rushing forward. After working out it’s susceptible to silver, the party dispatch it and begin to head further into the cave.

Two more bodies are found as they explore. The party also kill several more wolves, but manage to deter Derrin from drowning the werewolf puppies they find. During their progress through the cave, everyone apart from Grelda gets bitten, leading them to have moon fever.

As they party descend into the depths of the cave, they find a chamber with a tree inside it. Several shifters appear, saying that they shouldn’t be this far in the forrest and explains why the wood in so dangerous – the druids put the monsters there to prevent people from finding them. The group thanks the pack for their time and make a deal to not be attacked by them.

Upon reaching the surface, they make camp. Grelda, in an attempt to cure Briss and Theresa, makes their moon frenzy worse while Theresa heals Alyona, and stabilises Derrin. When they wake, Briss tries to attack Grelda. After restraining their friend, Derrin, Grelda, Briss, and Theresa get hit by darts, knocking them out. Alyona begins to panic, casting in the direction of the darts before also being hit. Before falling to the ground, she sees a man walking toward the group that looks a lot like Derrin.



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