Purple Cloaks

Old Crypts and Old Friends

Once the group met Quinn, they go with him to the family mansion. After looking around the family museum and learning a lot about their family history, they finally see what Quinn has been working on – an airship.

After this revelation, a wounded messenger interrupts their conversation and it is apparent that an attack is being staged on Featherpeak Island. In the midst of this battle, the familiar face of Alkalis appears, saving Alyona’s life. After clearing the observatory they were in, the group head to the family crypts where Quinn had been kidnapped and taken to. After getting past the various puzzles in the crypts, they find Quinn in a room with A.P, but have no time to question him as Alkalis appears once again, kills A.P, sends one last smile toward his sister and then jumps out of the giant hole in wall before disappearing. Tiffany then appears, helps the group onto the now functional airship before giving them one last mission – to defeat Seawood and save Featherpeak island.



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