The Purple Cloaks

The Dragon in the Dungeon

Brooke – please feel free to elaborate!

After leaving the sprawling city behind them, the party head south to the famous Friendly Arm Inn with the travelling circus. After a merry evening the party rest and head out the next morning to the Wood of Sharp Teeth.

They find the ruined temple that their contact (F.N.) described to them and descend into its crypt. The group fight a number of Kobold cultists who have taken up residence in the crypts. Eventually the group track down Sek (the leader of the cult) and slay him and his companions in a heated battle.

The drama isn’t over however, as the group head deeper into the ground, leaving the crypt behind as they enter an ancient cave. There they discover a wounded, young white dragon. Negotiations go well until the dragon realizes he has been robbed. An epic battle takes place resulting in the triumphant slaying of the dragon by Thom.

The group leave the forest behind in the early hours of the next morning and and return their findings to the Friendly Arm. They then head south in the tracks of the Circus and arrive at Beregost. here the group do some selling and Derrin sells her ankhegg shells. Derin also get’s the Dragon’s hide worked into 5 thick, scaly rucksacks.

Finally the group head further south with e Circus to Nashkel, to meet N.P.



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