Purple Cloaks

The Journey to Bowshot

I had been travelling with Thom for a couple of days before we reached a tavern we could stay in. We had been camping out along the tracks for the past couple of nights, so it was nice to find somewhere with a proper bed, a proper roof and with semi decent food. I hadn’t learnt much about Thom during our travelling. The only thing he had really divulged was that he was also heading to Baldur’s Gate, but the reason as to why he hadn’t made clear yet. I guess I never told him my whole story either. All I said was that I wanted a fresh start and to learn more about my magic. Thom didn’t question me anymore after that, so I didn’t question him either.

It wasn’t until we had left the tavern the next day that this journey began to get dangerous. By some miracle we had managed to avoid physical confrontation, which was great for me. I knew that my illusions were good, but the handful of times I had actually used my magic as a weapon I had done some serious damage and quite frankly, it scared me. But as we were travelling this day, confrontation was, apparently, inevitable.

As we walked along the path Thom stopped me and said that he could hear some sounds. I flicked my hand at the tree on our left, lighting up the area around it. That’s when a crossbow came from the bushes next to it and hit me square in the shoulder. I fell to the ground and could only wrench out the arrow and hold my shoulder as Thom ran towards the bushes. The sounds of grunting and swords hitting armour filled my ears until I heard a thud. Groaning, I pushed myself off the ground and began to stagger my way to where I could see Thom standing. Blood was dripping down my arm and I could feel it seeping into my dress. As I moved towards Thom I saw another shadow begin to move towards him. Without thinking, I flicked my hand wilding towards him and just as I realised what I had done, it was too late. It looked like a strong gust of wind was heading straight towards the bandit, but it definitely wasn’t a gust of wind. It was a Magic Missile. As it hit him he froze and began to shake violently. Blood began to trickle out of his ears and nose as he fell to his knees and then collapse to the ground. I stared at him in horror before shaking it off. I had seen the crossbow in his hand. This was the dick responsible for my bloody shoulder. Maybe me melting his brain was a step too far, but he really shouldn’t have shot me in the shoulder and then go after my friend. But I still killed him and I couldn’t stop the sick feeling in my stomach. As I moved closer to Thom I saw the body at his feet and the head that I assumed belonged to that body a few metres away. I glanced at him and felt a shiver go down my spine. It appeared Thom had also gotten a little carried away too. My mind reeled, but I had no right to judge. After all, I had just killed someone too.

Thom looked at me and then looked at my shoulder. I nodded once and reached into my pack to begin to bandage it up. Thom picked up the crossbows and bolts from the bodies before handing me one of them. Stuffing it into my bag I watched as Thom picked up the bodies and began to drag them behind the bushes. That was a smart move. We couldn’t really leave bodies in clear view on an open road. That would surely cause suspicion and probably mentally scarring images (especially since one of the bodies didn’t have a head attached to it). As we made our way back to the path, I flicked my wrist and the light I had set up in the tree disappeared, once again leaving us in the fading light of the sun. I think that was the incident that set our friendship in stone.

It was nice to know this guy had my back.



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