Purple Cloaks

The King That Crawls

Brooke – please feel free to elaborate!

After hearing of a missing sewage worker, Alyona, Briss (and some others) head down beneath Baldur’s Gate into it’s complex sewer system. Once below the city, they find a curious Treant youngling feeding on the rich nutrients of the city’s waste.

They befriend the sentient plant and head into the network of stinky tunnels. After some bloody scraps with rat hordes the group stumble across a hideous rat creature made up of several mismatching bodies. He scurries away into the sewers and the party chase after him.

This leads to a climatic battle which resulted in the apparent death of the creature’s mangled body but it’s spirit seems to escape.

The team recover the barely conscious body of the missing sewage worker and return to the surface to return him to his family.



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