The Purple Cloaks

The Spellslayer Dungeon

Still on the quest for Lady Vannath, the group returned to their rooms in tavern, only to be met with a mysterious note requesting their presence at the Low Lantern. As they decided to go, Briss was poisoned by a mysterious woman who requested they go into old tunnels that have long been forgotten by the Thieves Guild to retrive information about Spellslayer Wine and the person making it. After much trouble and a disappearing Alyona, the entire party gather and search the dungeon. Upon finding a recipe for Spellslayer wine, a very old employee of the Thieves Guild, but no sign of the creator, they return to the Low Lantern and Briss is cured. Briss and Aly went to warn the Thieves Guild, then the party retired for the evening as they planned to go speak with the Duke of Baldur’s Gate the next day, regarding Lady Vannath.



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