Alastair Cadogan

Too pure for this world


Name: Alastair Cadogan
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Height: 6’3" (190.5cm)
Religion: Bahamut
Status: Alive




Alastair is tall and has sandy blonde hair which he often has pushed back. His blue eyes and strong jawline are very similar to his fathers, but his hair colour is clearly from his mother.


Honour and morality are very important to Alastair and he makes all of his decisions while keeping everyone else in mind. He was brought up surrounded by members of the Spellguard and Knights in Silver (which he eventually joined – causing him to be very prejudice against Orcs), leading to him being very military like with his attitude, and unwilling to break the rules. He has a very low tolerance for unjust or law breaking behaviour and while used to following orders, will gladly go against any order that would put civilians or innocents in harms way. Alastair is very much a think before he acts kind of man.

However, despite his soldier like mentality, he is a very charming and enigmatic individual, which seems to be a Cadogan family trait.


Alastair was born and raised in Silverymoon (where the majority of the Cadogan family live), in a very comfortable household. He began sword training at a young age with his father, Sinclair Cadogan, who was a Knight in Silver, as well as found a great, profound bond with the God Bahamut. Once he showed a great proficiency for it he received a commission from the High Mage to join the Knights in Silver, which he accepted. Not long after this his twin younger siblings were born – Holden and Charlotte. Alastair has served with the Knights ever since, rising up to become leader of his squadron.


As a paladin, Alastair is trained well with a sword and shield, and has learnt to channel the energy of Bahamut through this to help aid his allies and friends. He knows how to look after his weapons and has great leadership skills as he is the leader of his squadron. Alastair is also a great tactician.


Alastair is the luckily descendant of Sir Charles Cadogan, to be gifted his original shield that had been blessed by the fire elemental. He takes great care of it and knows how valuable it is to his family. He also wears a ring of Bahamut on his right hand as a token to his god.


Alastair is very close with his family and spends a great deal of time with them when he’s not at work. He often helps his younger siblings (Holden and Charlotte) with their training for the Spellguard as well as helping his parents (Madisen and Sinclair) with their teaching at their school. Being a Cadogan, Alastair has an extensive family, but he is particularly close with the youngest child of Elian and Caithrya Ashbrow – Alyona. He often refers to her as his ‘favourite cousin’ and she does the same.

Alastair Cadogan

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