Alkalis Ashbrow

Powerful & driven with unknown incentives.


Name: Alkalis Ashbrow
Race: Half-elf
Class: Sorcerer
Gender: Male
Age: 60 (30th Uktar, 1424 DR)
Religion: -
Status: Alive, unknown location




Alkalis is of average height with short dark hair.


It’s unclear who or what Alkalis fight for. His personality is just as well disguised.


Alkalis left home very suddenly overnight in 1455 DR. The family weren’t expecting it and he gave no reason or explanation. His younger sister Alyona was only 15 years old at the time and struggled with his disappearance.

In 1485 DR Alkalis had a pivotal role in the battle for Featherpeak Island.


Alkalis has shown considerable knowledge of arcane magic. He appears particularly skilled at teleportation.


Alkalis appears to have access to magical items of considerable value and the means to get from places other than Faerûn.


Alkalis used to be very close with Alyona but they have drifted apart.

Alkalis appeared to know A.P. before he killed him. It’s unclear for how long they knew each other or from where.

Alkalis spent some time as the assistant of Tiffany Briskwood under the alias of Albert.

Alkalis’ father died on the precipice of the new year (1486). It is unknown if he knows of this.

Party notes/speculation

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  • Was working with A.P. and potentially betrayed him? Or other way round – FM
  • Seems to want to protect Alyona for obvious reasons but has conflicting interests? – FM

Alkalis Ashbrow

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