Alyona Ashbrow

Magic user baby


Name: Alyona “Aly” Ashbrow
Race: Half-elf
Class: Wizard
Gender: Female
Age: 45 (3rd Alturiak, 1440)
Height: 5’6" (167cm)
Religion: Mystra (RIP)
Status: Alive
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Alyona is of average height and has long, dark curly hair which is a very similar shade to her brother’s. Her slightly pointed ears and bone structure elude to her elven mother while her round face and button nose are from her human father.


Aly is very sweet, bubbly and caring. Being an entertainer for a substantial couple of years has made her quite charming and she is able to sweet talk almost anyone (which has often come in handy when diffusing tricky situations Purple Serenity often finds themselves in). It is in her nature to love people and will like pretty much anyone as soon as they introduce themselves to her – unless they give her a reason not to. However, she does have a very short temper, but instead of immediately blowing a fuse, Aly likes to find sly ways of venting her frustration as she believes it’s a better deterrent for people to not anger her again. Specialising in illusions required Aly to teach herself a new language in order to read the spell books, so she is academically clever and prefers to stand back and have an eye on everything that is happening (especially in battle) so her decisions are more informed.

While Aly has almost always been able to speak more than one language, she recently learnt several more. Sometimes, when speaking, she’ll slip between languages without realising it or borrow certain words from different languages. This often confuses her friends.

After the passing of her father, Aly felt a little more lost within herself. While accustomed to the idea of death (after nearly dying a couple of times herself), actually losing someone was something she hadn’t really comprehended before – especially in regards to someone she loved as much as her father. She puts on a good show for everyone, but is noticeably less chatty and with more sadness in her eyes. How this will effect her in the long run remains to be seen.


Aly was born in Silverymoon when her parents where there visiting the Cadogan side of their family, but she was raised in a village called Deepingdale in the Dalelands. Her brother, Alkalis, was her best friend growing up and she spent a lot of her time with him exploring the woods by their house or he would tell her stories of adventurers facing dragons and monsters. When she was 15 years old Alkalis disappeared without an explanation or any warning. This deeply effected their entire family, but mainly Alyona. She saw Alkalis again twice sine he left, but he vanished after saying no more than a sentence each time. As she grew older and the family began to shape their lives around the disappearance of Alkalis, Aly delve into illusionary magic after finding an old spell book of her brothers. Once she honed her skills she moved to Highmoon and became an entertainer there, learning more spells, and improving her performances and stage presence. After a couple of years she started to get itchy feet and decided that she had learnt all she could from the Dalelands. Aly wanted to travel some more along the coast to see how she could improve her magic and maybe have an adventure or two along the way.

Aly saw Alkalis again during the battle for Featherpeak island.


Being a wizard, Aly knows many spells and has mainly focused in on the illusion school of magic. Her mother was a council woman and Aly often went with her to some meetings when she younger. This heavily contributed to Aly’s charm, and skilful way of calming down tense situations. Her father is a hunter, and he taught Aly how to restring a bow and sharpen a blade. She can also speak, read, and write six languages fluently.


She has a pet raven named Edgar that often flies over head or sits on her shoulder while they travel. Aly also has a pair of earrings gifted to her from her parents when she first left for Highmoon. The thing she carries with her that she has had the longest is Alkalis’ old spell book. She doesn’t really need it anymore as she practically has the book memorised, but she keeps it for sentimental purposes.

Aly still has the Amulets of Shared Mind that Alkalis gave to her. She knows that they’re not from Faerun and are worth a lot of money, but she is unwilling to part with them just yet.

After her father’s passing, she has his navy scarf that he always wore. Aly wears it through her belt loops on her trousers.


Aly was very close to her brother and spent almost every minute of the first 15 years of her life with him. After he disappeared they didn’t speak and grew distant. The couple of times Aly and the group have seen him since then have made Aly angry (as he didn’t even bother contacting her or their parents to let them know he was okay) and worried. (he seems to have gone down a dark path). Aly is unsure of whether or not her brother has the same honourable intentions he used to.

Caithrya and Elian Asbrow are Alyona’s parents and she is close to them, updating them of her whereabouts and how she is when she can. On her father’s side of the family are the Cadogan’s. Aly has met almost all of them, but knows a lot of their names from the large tapestry of their family tree in her childhood home. She is particularly close with Madisen and Sinclair Cadogan’s children – Alastair, Charlotte and Holden. Aly often refers to Alastair as her ‘favourite cousin’ and he does the same.

Just before the new year (1486), Aly’s father Elian died in his sleep due to old age. She was not there for his passing, but arrived three days after to mourn with her mother and some of the Cadogans that had been around throughout his last few days.

Theresa was the first of Purple Serenity Aly met and is the one she turns to when misses home. Being from the same area helps a lot and after the revelation of Theresa knowing her brother, Aly felt closer to her as she could now share that part of her life with someone else in the group.

While preparing for their trip to the Underdark, they stopped through Theresa’s home town. Alyona met Theresa’s daughter and has an inkling that she could be Alkalis’ child, but is not sure/a little nervous to confirm this theory.

Aly watched Theresa die within the temple of Lolth in the Underdark. She held her body as they tried to take down the rest of their enemies and once they were back on the surface she recovered letters from Theresa’s body. One was addressed to her, warning her about Alkalis and asking her to bring the new to her family. Being the first of Purple Serenity Aly had met, Theresa’s death hit her hard, sending her usual sunny persona into a spiral of doubt and irrational thinking.

Aly bonded well with Briss, being a fellow half-elf with a penchant for shiny things. The two often share a room if needed to when staying in a keep and while Aly was skeptical of the rogue at first, she has grown very fond of her and would say she is a close friend, if not her best friend within Purple Serenity.

Whilst in the Underdark, Aly had a hand in the decision to turn Briss into a vampire. Despite not knowing a lot about vampirism and knowing that they generally are evil, Aly selfishly couldn’t face the fact that her friend would die and so voted to turn her. While keeping an eye on and being a little unnerved by Briss now, Aly doesn’t want to believe that she has changed completely and isn’t evil. But if worst comes to worst, she knows what she’ll have to do, even if it would break her heart to do it.

Grelda, being the eldest of the group and also a magic user, Aly quite likes. She reminds Aly of a couple of the older members of the Cadogans and with Grelda’s vast knowledge of history and religion, Aly can always learn something new from her. She’s still not sure if she approves of Grelda’s heavy drinking though.

Alyona and Derrin weren’t necessarily friends when the group first started doing jobs together, but over time that changed as they fought more battles together and managed to survive some accidental friendly fire on both ends. As they continued to bond and get to know each other a romance seemed to blossom between the two, leading to them now being together.

Overall, Aly is very devoted to Purple Serenity and would fight tooth and nail for them. They’ve helped her get out of a lot of tight scrapes and she loves them as fiercely as she does her own family, especially since the death of her father. Despite this, she is not naive enough to believe this devotion goes both ways. A lot of the time she is almost painfully aware that the others aren’t quite as invested in the group as she is and would happily leave if a better, more lucrative offer came about, but Aly does not let this bother her too much.

Her abandonment issues have harshly come to light after recent events, but she’s slowly working through them and trying to become less focused on the odds of everyone leaving her as she realises this could push everyone away.

Alyona Ashbrow

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