Ammond Hare

Larina's right hand man.


Name: Ammond Hare
Race: Dwelf
Class: Sword mage
Gender: Male
Height: 5’6" (167cm)
Religion: Vergadain
Organisations: Crimson Capes
Status: Alive



Ammond is clearly half elf but it takes you a moment to realise the other half is dwarven. His lack of robes or armour makes Ammond appear the most casually dressed member of the group but if you took him off the stage and into the corws he would be the most overdressed. Despite the Nashkel weather, Ammond shirts and jacket are unbuttoned to the extent that you can almost see his naval. His toned torso is on full display and you can see what look like three metal glyphs embedded just under the skin, like a 3D tattoo arranged vertically from between his collar bones down to the top of his tummy. The closest thing resembling armour is a pair of simple gold vambraces around his wrists. Like Larina, he appears to carry no weapons. Ammond’s fingers flex as if about to grab some invisable sidearm. You can even make out a small heat haze surrounding his hands. Subtle but there. A thick girdle is fastened around Ammond’s waist covered with a knotwork of silver seprents. At the centre of the girdle is a large onyx gem that glows faintly. Lastly, you notice Ammond’s boots. They seem to be blurring in and out of reality, like your eyes cant adjust to them. With some effort, you determine that they are a dark green, but any other details elude you.


Ammond Hare

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