Ansel Pip

He tried to family life looking after thereas girl, but like all soldiers, the fight calls him back


Name: Ansel Pip
Race: Elf
Class: Fighter (great weapon)
Gender: Male
Age: 210
Height: 5"7
Religion: Corellon
Status: Alive



They were each paired off and trained together. This would be good for if a fight actually came to them, as they would be sent off to fight in groups. Theresa was paired off with a young man around her age named Ansel. He was rather attractive. A turn on the skinny side and he was quick on his feet, but Theresa was quicker. They spent their first training session just learning each others strengths, the fought concentrating on footwork and precision, Theresa moved around him and at one point did a forward roll underneath him to then push him down on the ground. He lay looking up at her and she smirked and helped him up he leaned close in and smirked.

“You don’t fight bad for a wood elf,” he said and re-positioned his sword.

“That’s rich coming from a moon elf like you” she replied softly and raised an eyebrow.


Revenge driven but still very much a village boy.
Trained as a soldier with free will.
Depressive side effects from his recent loss.


He fought against the drow with the soldiers in the surrounding villages to him to protect the villages. He always had a crush on Theresa Appledore and spent the last year looking after her daughter with his mother. He only has his mother no other family to speak of.


One of the few true pleasures in Ansel’s life is food. He takes great pride in preparing a perfect meal and will gladly spend hours preparing for a meal. Poorly made food is offensive to Ansel’s mouth and he has often gone hungry when travel rations were his only source of nutrition.


Ansel carries a leather wallet in which he carries a wide variety of herbs, spices and cooking utensils for preparing food.


Ex Girlfriend – Theresa Appledore (Deceased)
Adopted Daughter – Aaliyah Appledore
Mother – Arianna Pip

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Fighting for Answers (short story)

“So what’s with your fiance?” Ansel asked as they were out in the woods learning to track the other warriors.

“What do you mean?” Theresa asked taking the lead as he walked behind her.

“I mean the fact that he looked like he was going to set me alight with his eyes,” Ansel said in a jokey fashion.

“I think he was worried that he’d been gone so long I found another man, not that I’d really call you a man anyway, what are you, a mouse?” she asked before two other warriors jumped out from behind the shadows but Theresa and Ansel swung into action and the other two were hit. They raised their hands and let Theresa and Ansel leave and Ansel took the lead this time.

“Well everyone can see I’m not your boyfriend, but I’ve never seen someone look like that, even when we fight he just looked so angry…” Ansel said and turned back to look at Theresa.

“I just want to know your safe with him, how much do you know about him?” Theresa moved forward pointing her sword at Ansel.

“I’ve known him for seven years of my life. I know him, I love him and if you have a problem with that, you can just leave okay.” Theresa threatened him. He raised his hands in apology and Theresa looked down at her hand and her ring and lowered her sword. That’s when they were ambushed by another team and they both got hit.

Theresa and Ansel walked back to the meeting point in silence and once there went back to their own homes without much as another word to each other. The whole conversation was forgotten by the time they came back together and they both ignored the fact they had conflict in the first place. Things were back to normal with them other than the fact that neither of them mentioned this to the other, but they felt like they always had someone watching them.

Ansel Pip

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