Name: Ava
Race: Shifter
Class: Ranger
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5”8 (176.7cm)
Religion: Selûne
Status: Alive


Ava is a shifter. She has black eyes that matches her hair and fur that runs down her back and over shoulders. She wears dark green-tinted leather armour. Her preferred weapon is a bow. Her sharp teeth, pointed ears and wolfish appearance make her look intimidating to those that fear lycanthropy.

Ava is reclusive, cautious of people and somewhat self-conscious of her appearance, due to encountering negative stigma toward lycanthropes. She prefers to spend little time in cities. She tries to limit the exchanges with humans to monetary transactions and finding work. Ava finds kindness somewhat unsettling, and does not expect others to converse with her, but she does appreciate it nonetheless. However, given time she does become comfortable and lets down her guard when there appears to be no ill-intent. Ava is a dreamer and likes to spend time stargazing at night. She is at her most confident when surrounded by nature. She is artistic and her bows are usually engraved with some sort of design. She prefers to be good, but understands that sometimes that is not always possible.

Ava was born from a descended clan of lycanthropes in The High Forest. She lived with her shifter mother and human father, on the outskirts of the forest. However she and her mother would visit their more primitive relatives that lurked deeper in the more secret parts of the woods. When she was young, she encountered some men who had strayed from their path and were lost. Naively, she pitied the humans and guided them back to the edge of the forest. However they captured her and took her to Waterdeep. She was to be sold in a black market affair, but narrowly escaped. She spent only a few traumatic days on Waterdeep’s streets, before she was noticed by a few passing rangers on a job, one of whom fortunately happened to be a shifter. Hazel returned Ava to her family, but had a great influence on Ava with her worldly ways. When they arrived back to her home, Ava decided she wanted to stay on with Hazel, be her protégé, travel the world and be a ranger.

As a shifter of The High Forest, Ava has a strong connection to nature. During her travels with Hazel, she has become an expert ranger, making her adaptable in all sorts of wilderness. She is best with a bow, though she is adaptable for close combat as she can fight with a short sword. She admires art and is talented at engraving.

Ava has an old family pendant, dedicated to Selûne, which was her mothers and possibly belonged to her family in The High Forest. Hazel has gifted her a few personal items, but only the essentials for a ranger.

Ava has few relationships. She usually does not stay in a place long enough to make solid friends or acquaintances. She is reserved when first meeting people due to caution. She has deep trust and fondness for Hazel and her parents.


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