Young Wolf


Name: Bethany
Race: Human
Class: Druid
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Religion: Chauntea
Status: Alive, Cloakwood



Bethany is traditionally pretty with long silvery hair and striking blue eyes. As a realtively new member of the Folks in the Forest, Bethany’s tattoos cover only her left hand, barely reaching past her wrist.


Bethany is polite and quite shy in her human form. Once in beast form however, Bethany becomes confident and quite intimidating.


Bethany was born in the slums to the north of Wyrm’s Crossing near Baldur’s Gate. She was found ill and starving by Wirt on one of his many journeys to the city.

Since then Bethany has settled in well and has fallen in love with the forest.


Bethany is only in the early stages of her training and has yet to master many spells. Her spells are subtle and discreet.

After learning how to shift into animal form, Bethany quickly adopted a silvery wolf as her favourite form.


Bethany has yet to adapt to the near nudity of other druids and wears sleeveless armour that covers her torso and legs. Bethany keeps a necklace that her mother gave her.


Bethany is still settling in but feels most comfortable with Wirt the gnome. Wirt acts almost fatherly towards Bethany and will talk with pride to anyone who’ll listen when she learns a new spell.

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