Poisonous rogue from the south


Name: Briss
Race: Half-elf
Class: Rogue (vampire)
Gender: Female
Age: 30 (29th Nightal, 1455 DR)
Height: 5’ 0" (152.5 cm)
Religion: Akadi and Umberlee
Status: Dead, 10th Hammer 1486
Links: Inventory, Level 7 PDF



Briss is of a petite build, with naturally dark brown/black hair and hazel eyes (with hints of deep red recently after feeding). Her eyebrows are thick and heavy on her face but well maintained, and her canine teeth are sharply pointed. Currently her hair is cropped short, regrowing after some damage. Beneath her hair, still visible, is an intricate tattoo of what at first glance appears to be flowers and thorns, but with more detail shows almost demon like shapes, moving when the magic properties are used. Similarly, she has another large magic tattoo on her back and a diamond shaped tattoo on her left wrist. Her pointed ears suggest her half-elf heritage and her skin is reasonably pale, especially when she has gone some time without feasting. You can just about make out her freckles.

The years of street life have left many marks on her, the most serious and visible being a deep scar on the side of her neck and a dog bite mark on her lower left leg. During escaping from Vorbak’s dungeon, Briss lost all her hair, leaving her with slowly healing scars and marks across her head, back and face. She also has a very deep vampire bite scar on the left of her neck.

Her clothing of choice has changed from simple black leathers to more flexible cloth, as well as her dark purple cloak, which she wears up to cloak her skin from the sun. She also wears her fiance’s ring around her neck on a chain and a lot of ear piercings. She tries to keep her appearance well kept, including dark makeup.


Briss can be rash and impulsive at times, which some may say is due to her probable brain damage from several near death experiences. She can tend to be selfish and chaotic in her actions, often wanting reward and reason to help before agreeing. Whilst she is often honest with her opinions and feelings, she can tend to hide secrets and be quite guarded, especially with her past. Her main motivation for adventuring is for the thrill of the adventure but also gold and power, still discovering what she will do for the right coin.

Often a lone wolf, Briss prefers relying on herself but likes working in groups to learn about other people and also learn from them. In this way, often her manipulations are in order to gather information and insight into whether to trust them, relying on their reactions to situations to observe.

Briss is somewhat ignorant yet suspicious of magic and specifically rituals, especially after partaking in a blood ritual previously. In general, she tends to question people’s motives and actions.


She travelled a lot when she was very young with her step mother but ended up as a street rat in Amn, making money when she was older as a bounty hunter within the city, her small build and unassuming appearance allowing her to go unnoticed by many and avoid too much trouble. She knows very little of her own past and was reluctant at first to leave Amn in hopes her previous guardian would eventually find her. However as the years went by, Briss lost hope of a life of luxury unless she went out and sought it herself. Along with her then fiancé, they saved up and managed to get out of Amn with hopes to travel and make a name for themselves but they were unfortunately ambushed in The Misty Forest off the Trade Way. During the encounter Briss’ fiancé was mortally wounded and he later died at Briss’ hand due to a mercy death pact they had agreed on.

Briss met up and started travelling with the group in hopes to earn gold and fame with possibility of learning about her past and family. She still wonders why her step mother abandoned her all those years ago but doesn’t wish to dwell on it as she would rather focus on where she can go with her future than look back on things she cannot change now.

She took part in the Featherpeak vs Seawood Battle, has visited Candlekeep, investigated Cloakwood and defeated Vorbak’s attempts to destroy the world by resurrecting Bhaal.

During time travel within Cloakwood, Briss had a flashback/dream/memory revealed to her of when Briss was just an infant, surrounded by a camp before they were slaughtered by arrows. Within this vision was a male human man whom Briss concentrated on as he died. She also saw a unique symbol, which through her research may have Tiefling links.

Briss also contributed to the investigation of Lady Vanath’s disappearance, which lead to information regarding Bhaal Spawn.

Purple Serenity travelled to the Underdark beginning of year 1486 as an assassination plot to kill the drow who had raided and murdered Theresa’s family. During this time, Briss got addicted to Boldscale in order to see with Darkvision. She managed to successful go cold turkey from this, with a minor addiction. Within the Underdark, the group met Mae, an assassin drow who assisted their travels to the Underdark City. Briss helped free a nymth from a high drow’s house within the city, allowing Briss one favour. Whilst investigating the rest of the house, Briss fell in combat. Derrin, Alyona and Theresa were given an ultimatum to either risk permanent death or give Briss over to Mae’s undead uncle who was currently in the house’s dungeon.

After Theresa fell within the Underdark temple during the assassination and revenge plot, Briss called in the favour from the nymph, allowing the party to teleport to the surface.


What she lacks in academic training she makes up in with street smarts. Handy with daggers and poisons which she learnt from peers on the streets growing up. She has started to brew her own poisons as well. Similarly, she is also good at making herself disappear and climb to safety as she had to navigate small spaces and get out of situations quickly growing up. When she was caught however by city guards or gang members, she relied on well told lies to help her escape therefore when the situation calls for it, she can be surprisingly charismatic.

Being ambidextrous also comes in use, especially when fighting.

Briss has an ever growing love, knowledge and experience of keys and locks, with a high thievery skill and deep enthusiasm when discovering complicated locks. She wishes to explore this passion in the future.


Whilst she does not hoard items for sentimental reasons, Briss possesses a large amount of daggers out of paranoia.

One sentimental belonging she does still carry is her engagement ring and Cole’s (fiance) simple bronze band which she wears on a chain around her neck.

She tends to wear a lot of jewellery, mostly in form of earrings, when not on a stealth mission but the rest of her appearance tends to be kept quite plain.

In her possession is now a magic purple cloak with the engraving ‘B’, acquired from the Dwarven ghost during the Amn mountain adventure.

In addition, Briss also wears her ‘Lucky Charm’ necklace, magic bracers and gloves and her spidersilk slippers. Her favourite weapon is her acidic dagger, but also is quick to equip her magic daggers within melee combat whilst opting for basic shurikens for ranged attacks.

Other items in her possession include her Deepfarer’s Pouch, Ever Burning Torch, Finger Blades, Nymph hair and a variety of other odd bits and pieces, such as ingredients and wine. Within her adventurer’s kit she has a small journal in which she keeps notes on edible foods, poison ingredients and recipes, potion ingredients and any other important information for the future.


Whilst Briss never talks about her, she once knew a woman who acted as her step-mother for a short time who went by the name Nei Netherroot.

Those still alive consist of the guard captain of Amn’s capitol city, Garlan Hartley, who she has known since a teenager. Their relationship is mostly professional but he is one of the only role models Briss had growing up so looks at him almost like an older brother. He took pity on the little street rat and often gave her scraps of food even when he was just a trainee guard. The relationship bloomed once Briss was old enough to start taking discreet jobs on the down low. She would often exchange information and tip offs of gang activity for food and money. This developed into a full time bounty job and allowed Briss to make a living (as well as her still doing the odd thievery to get by).

Briss was also close to Kelsy, a women who ran a half way house in Amn and who helped Briss on many occasions, including when Briss almost died at the hands of the gang leader who gave her the neck scar.

Whilst Briss is not a typical hopeless romantic, she deep down believes her dead fiance Cole was the love of her life. They had met when Briss had attempted to pick pocket him. Despite their differences, as Cole had grown up in a middle class family environment, their shared dark humour and wild ambitions lead them to want to leave Amn together. Overall, Cole’s parents did not approve of the match but this did not stop their wild adventures which eventually lead to his death. The years of living on the street with little family made Briss hardened to the idea of the circle of life and she still tries to face the facts about Cole’s death but even months later she is in denial that he is gone. In this way, she is worried she may one day stumble across his family if she travels back to Amn and will have to face the consequences of what happened to him.

In the party, Briss has always seen them as just a means to get by with some extra support. She is starting to properly trust them but doesn’t want to get complacent or rely on them too much as she knows how fickle and unreliable people can suddenly be.

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