Derrin Holt

Human, Ranger, Tired of your shit.


Name: Derrin Holt
Race: Human
Class: Ranger (Two-Blade)
Gender: Male
Age: 26 (born 14th Ches 1459)
Height: 6’4"
Status: Alive
Links: Inventory, Level 8 PDF


Derrin is tall and sinewy with tanned skin. His handsome face is topped with short sandy hair. Sighs alot. Although Derrin prefers to be alone, he will work with others if necessary. Derrin is slow to trust others but is a loyal ally once his trust is gained. His main concern is his continued survival, finding work where he can. He wears special chameleon leather armor and wields a short sword and a runed axe, which originates from the druids of Cloakwood. He also possesses a long bow and a warhammer. He is aligned as true neutral, however, he is often swayed by the group tendency to do good.

Personality: quite stoic, but has started to open up more to the members of purple serenity. He isn’t very good with people and gets annoyed quickly. He is very much about getting the job done and does not like deviating from the plan. Can be jokey and sarcastic, but it has to be with people he knows. When he smiles it is either because he is happy or because someone is about to die. They range from lopsided grin to full teeth smile, which is nominally reserved for someone he is about to stab.

Brought up in one of the minor villages around Cloak wood, he was entering the forest from an early age. Whilst his father chopped at wood, Derrin would explore the forest, having new and exciting adventures. His father, who also loved the outdoors, gave him his first hunting knife. Derrin would charge through the forest, knife in one hand, stick in the other, duelling branches and liberating animals from traps.

But all too soon he was put to work chopping it down. His brother on the other hand was a different matter. Ryden was a book lover, a scholar at heart. At the first opportunity, he moved to Candle keep, where is reputation quickly grew. Derrin was pleased for his brother but also a little jealous. He spent more and more time in the forest and he found the quiet and stillness comforting. He would wander for hours without noticing the time, tracking animals and learning bird calls. He was beaten more than once for not returning before dark, but Derrin didn’t care.

At 16, the disappearances started. It was just rumours at first. One logger didn’t return and nothing was found. A week later, the same story. The rumours grew and grew and then, they weren’t rumours any more. Derrin’s father disappeared, along with two other men. No search party’s found any trace of them. Derrin’s mother was distraught. Derrin was at a loss. No father, his brother away and his mother…well. His mother was of no use. The forest had always been his friend and now it had turned on him. Finally, guilt and sorrow over whelmed him. He packed his bags, grabbed his hunting equipment and set out into the forest. His one regret was not saying goodbye.

He travelled deep into the forest, his senses coming alive as he traced paths of animals and…..other creatures. Strange signs kept appearing to him, nothing he’d ever seen before. No animal he knew of left those kind of marks. His search brought him to a clearing. But that’s all his search revealed. Defeated, he went to turn home. But out of the corner of his eye, a movement. Instinctively, he threw his knife, but all it hit was air. That was the last thing he remembered before it all went black.

Derrin awoke on a road, unsure how he had got there, with a throbbing head ache and a searing pain in his leg, where his knife was protruding. There was little he could do, and the herbs he had did little. He was passed by many a traveller, all of which gave him a wide birth. He dragged himself as far as the wound would allow, but soon it was too much. He would have perished had it not been for the aid of a talented but drunken eladrin.

Having now learnt the truth about his father and now discovering that he has an uncle., Derrin is struggling with what comes next in his life. Purple Serenity, for now, seems to be his only course. He is also suspicious of Ryden, who, although seemingly truthful in his tales, has led Purple Serenity into a sticky situation. He will return to candle keep to confront his brother (or at the very least, send a strongly worded letter) about their mission and discover what Ryden omitted from the quest.
He intends to make good on his promise to Theresa about accompanying her to the under dark, but Derrin is uncertain where his life will go after that.

After travelling to the underdark, Derrin is very uncertain of what to do. Losing Theresa and potentially turning Briss to evil has made him very unsure of his future within the broken Purple Serenity. His grief although hidden has once again closed him off to the others and so his future may lead him away from the group. He feels very much responsible for what has happened to Briss and so now he must deal with the consequences of both their actions. Although he is glad that his friend is alive, Derrin will investigate how to destroy vampires just in case Briss ever truly goes off the rails. Derrin knows that if she does become evil, it will be his and Alyona’s job to destroy their friend.

Skilled at wielding a variety of weapons, although he was never properly trained. A lot of his skill is based on his strength. He is a skilled hunter, able to track animals and people and navigate by the stars. He is skilled at lumber-jacking and enjoys whittling wood into different figures. In his spare time he also enjoys sketching, something he started when he was younger and travelled in the woods.
Derrin can also play the wooden flute, although it has been quite some time since he has played one.

Special axe found in a lumberjack camp.
Father’s ring that has special powers.
Purple Cloak
Dragon head backpack witch he uses as an adventurer pack.

Since leaving his family, Derrin has gained favour with a number of people from his work as a bounty hunter. The 6 months he has spent with Purple Serenity has been a learning curve, but he has become more trusting within the group and is now loyal to all members.

There is a blossoming relationship between himself and Alyona and this is helping him deal with everything that he has been through. He has a strained relationship with his mother, who has remarried. He has not met his step father, Sebastian Robinson, but has met his young half sister, Rose.

Although he wants to believe that Ryden Holt is just trying to help and reconnect with him, Derrin can’t quite shake off the feeling that something else is going on. Finding the dead Candlekeep agent has made Derrin even more unsure. Half of him wants to investigate, but the other half of him tells him to stay away from his brother and the mysterious library.

Derrin Holt

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