Dwenn 'Old Oak' Brown

Leader of Oak. Form of a fox.


Name: Dwenn ‘Old Oak’ Brown
Race: Human
Class: Druid
Gender: Female
Age: 112 (born 1373 DR)
Religion: Chauntea
Status: Alive, Cloakwood



old_oak.pngDwenn Brown is the leader of Oak and has been for decades. Her venerable status has earned her the title Old Oak which she enjoys.

Although Dwenn’s hair is greying, there are still streaks of vibrant red. Her intimate connection with the primal power has lengthened Dwenn’s natural lifespan leaving her with the complexion of a woman barely half her age.

Dwenn is one of the few Folks in the Forest whose tattoos have encompassed their entire body. Her face and even her palms are tattooed with intricate interweaving patterns.

Decades of defending the realm from the horrors of the Way has left Dwenn with numerous scars on her body.

Dwenn’s choice of attire is minimal, like most druids. She wears simple leather straps to hold her possessions and decorates her armour with feathers and trinkets from the forest.


Dwenn is friendly and caring especially towards younger recruits who she actively takes time to speak with and learn about.

The wisdom of Old Oak is extensive and she often imparts her knowledge to her kin during rituals and ceremonies.

Dwenn also has a fearsome warrior spirit within her. Once she taps into her primal rage she is a deadly warrior. Dwenn’s savage style of fighting shouldn’t be underestimated as it also hides a keen tactical mind that the long years have only served to sharpen.


Even her fellow druids at Oak are not sure of Dwenn’s early life. It’s suspected that she was brought into the group during her teens.

Dwenn became leader of Oak in 1434 DR when she was 61 years old.


Dwenn is a talented healer and one of the few druids who has taken extensive training in non-magical combat. Even without her powers, Dwenn is a fearsome warrior.

Dwenn’s favoured animal form is that of a greying fox.


It’s likely that Dwenn’s armour and staff are heavily enchanted considering her skill, age and status within the group.


Dwenn seems to get on with everyone in Oak and is on close terms with all the other leaders.

Dwenn often seeks council from Deacon, Ytton and Hanni.

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Dwenn 'Old Oak' Brown

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