Feldaquin Nearsight

Rich and eccentric.


Name: Feldaquin Nearsight
Race: Human
Class: -
Gender: Male
Born: 15th Uktar 1445 DR
Religion: Lathander
Status: Alive, Featherpeak Island



Feldaquin’s appearance is extremely important to him. His hair and fashion is carefully prepared and adjusted several times a day. Unfortunately Feldaquins fashion sense is lacking so he simply wears the most expensive things he can, regardless of how well they go together.

Feldaquin has a small scar on his left eyebrow.


Feldaquin is extremely eccentric and often self centred. He is oblivious to the feelings of other people and is the centre of his own universe. Feldaquin is generous with his wealth and his arrogance doesn’t mean he neglects those in his employ. Feldqaquin treats his friends and family with respect and kindness not due to empathy but because he knows it the the proper thing to do.

When it comes to animals however, Feldaquin is selfless and emotional.


In 1469 DR Feldaquin’s father died and Feldaquin became head of the family on Featherpeak Island. He was the second non-featherpeak to lead the family (after his father).

In 1481 DR, Feldaquin began working on his “little project” of creating a flying ship. Over the next few years Feldaquin inadvertently angered and insulted numerous organisations by pursuing this project.

In Eleasis 1485 DR, Feldaquin hired a group of adventurers to be his personal body guards during the final stages of his airship project. A alliance of various groups opposed to Feldaquin’s project attacked Featherpeak Island a few days later. Feldaquin was last seen on the airship minutes before it crashed into the sea. His body was not found on the wreck.

It later surfaced that he had escaped the vessel before it crashed (its not clear how). On returning to Featherpoeak Island Feldaquin abdicated as head of the house and the role fell to Voitrem Tirk.


Feldaquin seems to be very good at throwing money at his problems.

Feldaquin is also a skilled handler of animals and before his airship project, would spend most of his time in with the various animals kept in Featherpeak Mansion.


Technically Feldaquin owns all of Featherpeak Island and all the incredible artefacts kept within it.

One of Feldaquin’s most prized personal possessions is his exquisite armour that he wears on formal occasions. Feldaquin was also extremely proud of his flying ship.



Feldaquin is close with his cousin Remy. Remy often calls Feldaquin Quinny. The pair would play together as children.

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Feldaquin Nearsight

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