Grelda Silverthorn

Drunken Cleric. Undoubtedly fabulous.


Name: Grelda Silverthorn
Race: Eladrin
Class: Cleric
Gender: Female
Religion: Sune
Status: Alive


Grelda is an eladrin, roughly 200 years old. When first meeting her, many find that she is an overly friendly and a nosey drunk. However those who have known her for a longer time understand that she is unsettlingly eccentric.
Grelda aims to please, but has no qualms with starting conversations and attempting to know everyone’s business. This has made her some good friends around the map, but not without some adversaries.
Unlike her fearless teammates, Grelda knows from certain experience, that when things get dark, it’s time to leave. However following Derrin’s leadership and being inspired by her companions, she’s followed them through a number of dark tunnels. But, not without some dutch courage.

Grelda was a known and somewhat respected healer in the Elven kingdom. Bubbly, eccentric and aiming to please she excelled and mastered the arts of herbalism. Her potent elixirs were known throughout the land, but like many greats, she was undone by her vice. Grelda enjoyed too much of her favourite liqueur; alcohol. After a dark episode involving corrupt political affairs and the certain death of her favourite student, Grelda lost her position as Senior Healer in the Elven kingdom and was exiled. In her depression and disillusionment, she indulged her alcoholism and her life traversed into a downward spiral. Her spells and potions were amiss and wrong from constant intoxication. (She made someone grown an ear on their forehead rather than helping with an ear infection.) She found work in taverns, helping wounded strangers on the road whilst enjoying a good drink. One fateful and booze filled night, Grelda was challenged to a drinking game by a mysterious hooded figure named Aldren. The next events were a hazy fume of half-truths and drunken mistakes, by the end of which, Grelda had assaulted a horse, stolen a parsnip and propositioned a high ranking dwarven officer. Waking up the next morning with little recollection, in the basement of the town inn, she found herself.

Grelda carries her holy tome to Sune and a divine bottle of wine. (She carries multiple bottles for refills in taverns, to keep her going on the road.) She collects various herbs for brewing.
She has wolfskin boots, crafted by Derrin, so she has pleasantly warm toes constantly.
Her other most treasured personal possession is a handkerchief with a G inscribed on it, was for Greg (now for Grelda), that she found on one of her adventures.

Grelda is fond of her companions, more notably she appreciates Derrin’s leadership, and is fond of him as he was with her from the beginning. (In a severe state of hangover in a tavern basement.) She ships DerAly.

Grelda Silverthorn

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