Brown Bear Druid


Name: Hanni
Race: Half-elf
Class: Druid
Gender: Female
Age: 76
Religion: Chauntea
Status: Alive, Cloakwood



Hanni is one of the older members of the Folk in the Forest. Her tattoos have started to reach the back and sides of her head.

Most of Hanni’s head is shaved and has been since way before she got the tattoos.


Hanni’s most notable trait is her competitiveness. She is also brave and courageous, often leading attacks.


Hanni was born in the Folks in the Forest and has been with them her entire life.


Hanni is a best known as a warrior…and a fearsome one.

Hanni often takes the form of a large brown bear. The colouration of her animal forms often reflect the tattoos she has when in her natural form.


Keeping possessions to a bare minimum, Hanni’s only thing of any real value is the Chauntea talisman round her neck which is imbued with powerful and ancient power.


Hanni is often sought after by Dwenn for advice. She has been close friends with Deacon for many years.

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  • Potential love interest with Deacon – FM


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