Lamistan Kuris

Gnomish Elemental Wizard.


Name: Lamistan Kuris
Race: Gnome
Class: Wizard
Gender: Male
Age: 60 (born 20th Alturiak 1425 DR)
Religion: Oghma
Status: Unknown, last seen in Flaming Fist custody



Lamistan Kuris was a small and slightly chubby gnome. He wore a number of gold earings and had a completely bald head.


Lamistan’s most notable trait was his drive and passion for knowledge. He pursued his curiosity without a thought of morality or ethics. Lamistan embodied the trope of the scientist who asks ‘can we?’ instead of ‘should we?’.


Lamistan grew up in Waterdeep, under the tutelage of a powerful wizard named Tristen Darkwave. He became obsessed with elemental magic and began studying elementals with a fierce passion.

After completing his studeis Lamistan left the sword coast and went on a long journey to the far reaches of the world. When he returned he had captured an earth-elemental in a magical container of his own design.

Lamistan established a bargain with some local farmers and created his own wizard’s tower overlooking the sea. The deal meant that he would provide the farmer’s with rich soil (using his slave elemental) and they would provide him with food and privacy.

Sometime in the middle of 1485 DR, Lamistan was approached by a man who claimed he could provide another elemental. A second deal was struck; if Lamistan was given another elemental to study, he would use his skills to create powerful hurricanes high in the sky.

Lamistan’s plans were stopped in 1485 DR by a group of adventurers and his elementals were released. Lamistan was taken south to Baldur’s Gate where he was detained by the Flaming Fist.


Lamistan was a very powerful wizard specialising in elemental magic. He also had a strong understanding on protection and barrier charms which he put to use in his tower.


Lamistan invented an object which could trap an elemental within it. The desing and magic required to create this object were published and the profits helped Lamistan to fund his research.

Lamistan has a number of magical items on him when he was confronted in his tower in 1485 DR. Some notable items include a magic dagger, an amulet of mental resolve and an enchanted cloak.

Many of the details of Lamistan’s life were discovered after finding his personal journals.


Lamistan idolized his mentor but eventually surpassed him in power and ambition.

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Lamistan Kuris

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