Lyna Pridebane

Morally ambiguous


Name: Lyna Pridebane
Race: Doppleganger
Class: Rogue
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5’4" (162.6cm)
Status: Alive



When in her natural form, Lyna has pale grey skin, white eyes, and pale red hair. Being a Changeling, she can shift forms – her favoured form being a human in which she usually has curly brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin – looking very similar to the human form of her twin brother – Atar.


Lyna may seem cold hearted and stern at first glance, but she cares deeply about her friends and particularly her brother, and would do anything to keep them safe and together – even if the means are sometimes morally questionable.

She is quite hot headed and a little money obsessed. Her and her brother never had much, leading her to acquiring money or anything valuable at any available opportunity to ensure they could get by and live comfortably.

When she wants to be, she can be sweet and charming – but mainly to get what she and her brother/ friends need. It does take her a while to warm up and trust people, but when she does she is extremely loyal and would protect them at any cost.

Lyna lies through her teeth the majority of the time. Partly because of her unwillingness to trust people, but mostly because she likes to see how far she can push it before people catch on. It gives her a cheap thrill when people wholeheartedly believe what she says and don’t think to question her.


Lyna and her brother were only six when they’re parents and entire village were killed – after witnessing this, Atar became mute, only speaking to her. The two of them ran away, changing form into humans so they wouldn’t be followed or persecuted. While on the road they were found by a human couple who gave them food and a place to stay, and eventually adopting them.

It wasn’t until they were 16 when they began to realise what happened to their village. When in the town centre the two of them saw a mark on the wrist of a guard – the same mark that had been on the arms of the people who had slaughtered their village. In shock, they ran back home only to see the same mark on their adoptive father’s back.

That night the twins packed their bags and stole out of their windows to begin their life on the road, and their quest to find the cult/people who killed their parents.


Lyna is very handy with a dagger and is very light footed. While her brother would often keep look out, she would sneak into houses or shops and steal them what they needed to get by.

She is a very skilled liar, getting almost anyone to believe what she says. This she picked up quickly on the road, and was also enforced when slipping into lying to her adoptive parents about her and her brother being human.


When faced with their parents lifeless bodies, Lyna picked up her mother’s ring and she wears it always – refusing to take it off, even when it’s absolutely necessary.

On the twins 18th birthday, Atar gave Lyna a locket with a piece of his hair in. She also wears this all the time, keeping it close to her heart.


Lyna shares a profound bond with her brother. She is heavily reliant on him as he is her. She strongly dislikes being apart from him, even for a moment. They have been together all of their lives and Lyna is intent on keeping it that way – not matter the cost.

Lyna Pridebane

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