Myra Dawnfall

Flashy bard


Name: Myra Dawnfall
Race: Half-elf
Class: Bard
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5”5 (1.67cm)
Religion: Sune
Status: Alive


Myra is a half-elf bard. She has blond hair, blue eyes and takes care with her appearance. She is stylish, and likes flashy city fashion and colours. She has multiple piercings in her half-elf ears, commemorating various noticeable places she has visited. When adventuring she wears leather armour, but will always prefer light bright clothes to change into when they enter cities and towns.

Myra is a charming character. Her amiability and wittiness earn her good friends from her travels. She’s a lover of stories and reads extensively about legends and daring adventures. However, as a bard of the College of Valour, she is determined to partake in her own great adventure, and not just hang about the mead halls. With a musical background, she has a great singing voice and plays a lute. She constant writes witty songs about her adventures to earn an extra gold piece or two in taverns, but more often in battle, she sings of great lore and adventures to inspire her comrades and off-put their enemies.

Myra grew up in a musical family. Her parents taught Myra how to play the lute, and her twin sister, Tierra (Tia) the flute. Together she and her sister were a fascinating duo, charming their childhood friends and the livestock in the town Deepingdale. However as their proficiency in arcane illusions and charms grew greater, Tia began to be more menacing. While Myra invested herself in the lore and stories to weave and entertain others, Tia began using her illusions and charms to steal, corrupt and manipulate the townsfolk. Eventually she planned a heist. She sent the local Lord to sleep with her flute playing and stole all his wealth and jewels. Myra caught her fleeing Deepingdale, but was unable to stop her sister from leaving. Myra has not been able to contact her sister since, but is always looking for leads and hoping to cross her sister on her travels.

Myra is a jack-of-all-trades. Her affinity for music and the arts makes her charming, witty and diplomatic. She can cast charms and illusions, or can take the front line for a while. She uses a rapier, but is proficient in long ranged attacks and with daggers. She is fluent in both common and elvish.

Myra has a lute with a secret dagger that is hidden in the top of the neck. She has a rapier and a few spare daggers on her person. She has carries a few books, but is constantly trading them for new adventurous stories. Aside from her adventuring armour, she has a spare change of light, bright common clothes for leisure time.

Myra has too many friends and acquaintances that she forgets their names. As she is constantly travelling, she feels that she will most likely never see them again. Thus she doesn’t make much effort to remember them. Myra can get by for free in most taverns with a beguiling smile and a song to make the townsfolk dance, be merry and buy more ale.
Myra is still hopeful that her strong bond with Tia will stop her sister’s life of crime. She is on good terms with her parents, but there are testy times when she overtly defends her sister.

Myra Dawnfall

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