Ninu 'Lonewalker' Geanathai

Giant woman with a hatred for doors and a love for dwarves and gems


Name: Ninu
Race: Goliath
Class: Barbarian
Gender: Female
Age: 19, Midsummer 1466 DR
Height: 92 inches (233.7 cm)
Religion: Moradin
Status: Alive



1.jpgExtremely tall and bulky, with cool grey skin but with rocking and inconstant deep brown markings, intertwined in some parts with her blue flame-like spellscar located on her left upper arm onto her shoulder, which she tries to keep hidden with bandages. Embedded in her skin are a variety of gems and stones, though she is careful not to put them over her skin markings but instead her purpose to enhance them. Her eyes are piercing blue and her very long dreaded hair is dark brown and often kept tied back as well. She tries to keep her hair in good condition and is keen to keep growing it.

Like many Goliaths, she doesn’t tend to wear much armour or clothing so she can fully show off her impressive physique and skin markings, which holds a lot of importance with her faith and honour, which she wishes to get back.

Whilst she grew up in a very strict environment, she tends to be chaotic good now alone in the world. She has her own set of morales and laws would not stop her doing right.


Grew up with constant competition at a young age, so tends to be very hard on herself, stubborn and strives to be the best. However, she tends to be rather pessimistic about others ever since being exiled but her self-confidence is only to grow and grow. Because of this, she is quite quiet and guarded and doesn’t completely understand chitchat but won’t hesitate to take action if it is needed or if she can contribute. Ninu very much says it like it is when her opinion is asked for. She does like to boast about her own strength and her abilities at times. Her personality is somewhat unpredictable around others as she has only ever really known the company of her own tribe and serving others.

Overall, she tends to be very protective of the innocent and particularly children. Similarly, very in touch with nature and tries to channel this through her level head and attempted to keep calm and in control, even whilst raging in combat. In this way, she tries to meditate often and take care to honour those she had seen in equals once she has defeated them. Ninu would take pride in winning a fight but would not mock the death of someone she felt worthy of respect. She tries to see the balance in life in every aspect of life. Like most of her race, she is naturally curious and is likely to take risks at her own expense but not if she wasn’t willing to take the consequences herself. Similarly, she can be very competitive even in areas she knows she does not excel in and is quick to learn. In her defeat, she tries not to be a sour loser but instead to learn from her experiences (though she is constantly fighting her urges for rematches at a later date). She takes pride in her speed and strength.
Ninu accepts herself at not being the most academic but can speak a range of languages, Gol-Kaa, Common, Dwarvish and some Giant as well as being able to write Dethek but only able to read and write very basic common. When in battle or in argument, she tends to switch languages accidentally and sometimes without noticing herself. The way she speaks often negates articles (such as missing words like ‘a’ ‘the’ ‘that’) and outside of the tribes or other Goliaths, she tends to be a tad self-conscious of her commonly bad grammar.
Loving nature a great deal, Ninu is only starting to understand how cities and its people work. The concept of doors (and how small they are) deeply annoys her and she is easily irritated if she is expected to use or abide by common city ways of life (especially as everything seems so small and fiddly and she tends to break a lot and get chucked out of bars). She is a great lover of watching people and her surroundings, not wanting to lose focus and this was inbuilt into her mind from growing up in the wilderness. Likewise, it is especially important to her as she is very suspicious and mistrusting of people so questions people’s motives at every turn. There are many other things that don’t come naturally to Ninu due to her upbringing, including how currency works. When her tribe used to trade with the Dwarves, they traded with items or labour. In this way, Ninu now is not that fussed about receiving money and would be likely to give all her monetary worth away to the first orphan she sees.
Ninu was raised worshipping Naki-uthai, the brave climber and her family was very superstitious which has been passed onto her, often wanting to learn about new deities simply so she doesn’t upset any evil forces on her travels but overall is confused about her loyalty to one religion and her beliefs. Her keen interest in Dwarves and their culture meant she grew up with some knowledge about Moradin and she tends to acknowledge and celebrate, in her own small way, the crescent moon as his Holy Day. She has a great love for Dwarves as a race and is very trusting of them.

In regards to returning to her clan or her future now, she is mostly looking to find some faith again and to learn more about her world, asking a lot of questions along the way.


She was born into a tribe of goliaths, the Vootuks, who took main residence in the Lhairghal Mountains. Her tribe was very traditional and superstitious and didn’t look fondly on transactions with other races (minus their dwarven connections). Mother was a druid skywatcher and her father was a hunter but her father died when she was 10 years old due to a Giant attack. Whilst she was obviously upset, her and the rest of her tribe never dwelled on death as dying in battle was seen as the noblest way to go.

From a young age she took easily to the tribe role of hunter and slowing moved up the ranks until she was one of her tribe’s best young fighters along with her best friend, Vela, who happened to be the chief’s daughter. During her time within the tribe, she was given many honorary names including Longleaper, Keeneye, Lonehunter for different instances where she had either made great progress, during trials for tribe roles and for her own initiative. Ninu took a lot of pride in these names.
However, when Ninu was 16 years old she received her spellscar when hunting one night during a storm. They had been surprised in the night by a small gathering of gnolls who had disappeared with a baby Goliath after killing a Tent-mother. Ninu and some others volunteered to go out for the hunt. She had gone to find the missing tribesman when she too got separated from her group and found herself near the bottom of their mountain territory which she knew to be dangerous. Her tribe knew of many humans (and other races) who travelled into the waste land and never to return. Convinced she could see the gnoll pack in the distance, she sprinted into the land of Halruaa without fear of the consequences. She slayed the beasts but there was no sign of the infant. The night’s storm eventually brought Ninu into contact with her hunting clan in a cave on the mountain’s edge where they rested and went back to the tribe the next day who celebrated their courage and their return. It wasn’t until that night when Ninu started having strange dreams did she fear something was wrong. Three days later she awoke from a nightmare surrounded by blue flame and her fellow kin screaming and evacuating the area. Confused about where the danger was occurring, Ninu ran too but her family looked at her with scared faces and their weapons drawn. Her own mother who knew of this magic, shouting about the curse she held. With one last look at the two bodies that had been consumed by the blue flame, and noticing the flame that danced around her own flesh, Ninu fled into the wildness.
After travelling down the mountain north for days, Ninu’s motivation was simply to get as far away from the trauma as possible. Soon her body gave way and she fell upon the road she had been travelling. Luckily, a pair of Dwarves who were eventually on their way to set up with their trade connection at Baldur’s Gate came across the fatigued Goliath. Together they fed and healed her for a day’s rest but mostly the damage was to her mind which was plagued with the screams of her peers. The dwarves offered Ninu work helping them transport and protect their cart as they travelled the long distance, stopping off in different towns on the way to do small bits of work. She made a strong connection with these Dwarves but eventually parted with them when they reached Baldur’s Gate two years later when she believed their debt was settled and it was time for her to find her own place.
This led her to join the Circus which utilised her strength and wild look. Whilst Ninu knew she wasn’t reaching her full potential here, it did feel like a substitute tribe temporally.


As well as her skill with a great-axe and her pure strength, Ninu has great long vision, speed and her ability to leap over a long distance. She also was taught by her tribe how to use basic natural and wild materials and resources for her own benefit, for instance she has the ability to hunt, skin, gather, cook, bone carve, treat and use fur, basic sewing, flint knap and tanning. She takes pride in her ability to use every part of an animal she kills and honours them in this way.
Ninu accepts herself at not being the most academic but can speak a range of languages, Gol-Kaa, Common, Dwarvish and some Giant as well as being able to write Dethek but only able to read and write very basic common.
During her time in her tribe, Ninu was very skilled at a game of Cliff-climb.


Got her greataxe from the dwarves as a farewell parting gift after travelling with them for a while. The only thing she has kept from her tribe is a small wooden carved figurine of a bear but has very few other special possessions and most are of non-sentimental value.

She also keeps a variety of gems embedded within her skin which she has collected over her travels.


Most of Ninu’s relationships she had formed perished when she received her spellscar. She had been close with many people within her tribe, including her friend Vela.
The blacksmith company Dwarf brothers, Brazith and Yommel Whitdigger, were also close friends before they parted ways but are on good terms.
Ninu is reasonably close to many at the circus but she also tries to keep her distance as she is scared to hurt anyone with her spellscar. She is closest to Tynkin, a gnome acrobatics star at the circus as Ninu loves to hear Tynkin’s stories and her displeasure of height discrimination (and gnomes remind Ninu fondly of dwarves despite how petite and non-hairy they are).

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Ninu 'Lonewalker' Geanathai

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