Nuria Ashar

Fire Genasi who likes hitting things with her big sword.


Name: Nuria Ashar
Race: Fire Genasi
Class: Swordmage
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Status: Alive


Nuria has reddish-brown skin, with orange lines that form patterns across her skin, red eyes and flaming hair. She is strong but lithe. Wears splint mail that allows her markings to be seen and wields a greats sword. She can speak both Common and primordial. Her alignment is chaotic good.

Very passionate, Loves dance, reading and sword fighting. She can be quite impatient and short tempered and is not very good at sitting still, unless she is absorbed in literature. She doesn’t often think before she acts and is very much lead by her heart, not her head. Sometimes has problems reading books, as she can sometimes set them on fire.

Originally from Calimport, Calimshan, Nuria has a large, loving family and Nuria is the 3rd eldest of 8 brothers and sisters. Her eldest brother, Meirane, is also a swordmage as well as her youngest sister, Celtara. The rest of the family is in trade and/or off in exploring the world.

Celtara showed immediate talent and quickly rose in society. Nuria and Meirane grew jealous of her skill and ambition and so started to frantically train with one another. Both Nuria and her brother’s ambition grew and they quickly became a well known fighting duo, although they still often competed alone and were well respected by humans. However, her sister was still rising high and Nuria was desperate to match her skill. She left her family to travel and improve her talent, fighting in every tournament and picking fights where she could, just to better herself. She keeps in regular contact with her family, particularly her older brother who is also on the road.

Skills: Skilled with a great sword, but can also happily wield a rapier and long sword. She is a skilled dancer, although her style is sometimes a bit wild. She is very hard working and will often not stop until she has mastered it. She has dabbled in metal work and enjoys making artwork from it.

A few mementos from home, contacts for all her family and connections that she can use to help her on the road.

In love with a Tiefling named Rivari. Rivari found her in the library and asked her to help her on a quest. They have been together for about 18 months.


Meirane, Egan, Celtara and Nuria all possess magic, with Egan being a skilled wizard and the other three being sword mages. Kai has developed skills as a rogue and occasionally gets into trouble with the law. Fia, Serafina and Toronir remained with their parents to help with the business, possessing attributes associated with fighters.

Nuria Ashar

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