Raelen Holt

Derrin's Dad


Name: Raelen Holt
Race: Human
Class: -
Gender: Male
Age: 48 at time of death
Religion: Silvanus
Status: ALIVE



Raelen was lean with rugid build.


Raelan was a supportive father and a skilled lover.


Raelan was killed in Tarsakh 1473 DR whilt fighting alongside the Folks in the Forest. His sacrifice saved the lives of almost a dozen others, including his brother Deacon.


Raelan was a lumberjack from the day he could wield an axe. He also enjoyed crafting small trinkets, tools and toys for his children.

Raelen was a skilled fighter too, (if the situation demanded it) although he rarely shared this side of himself with his friends and family.


He had two sons. They were pretty cool.


Raelen married Callie Green in 1450 DR. He was a loving husband and a supportive father who encouraged independence and hard work among his sons.


Party notes/speculation

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  • Had a scar on his leg, which happened around the time Derrin was a young teenager…? -FM
  • NOT DEAD?!?!?! Saved by secret druids – FM

Raelen Holt

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