Voitrem "Remy" Tirk

Wealthy and charming. Pays well.


Name: Voitrem “Remy” Tirk
Race: Human (¼ elf technically)
Class: -
Gender: Male
Age: 36 (born 1449 DR)
Religion: -
Status: Alive, Featherpeak Island



Voitrem Tirk is a handsome and eccentric individual. He is only ever found wearing the latest fashions from Waterdeep.


Voitrem is eccentric and ignorant to an extent but often exaggerates these aspects of his personality to hide his motives and cunning.


Born and raised on Featherpeak Island, Voitrem is the eldest child of Tiffany and Wade Tirk. Although not a featherpeak by name, the blood of Quintos runs in his veins.

In Eleasis of 1485 DR Remy took part in the Battle of Featherpeak Island and fought with the boarding parties.

During the aftermath of the battle, Feldaquin abdicated and Remy assumed control of the family.



Remy has shown himself to be a skilled fencer. Remy is also a very charming and confident man with a knack for public speaking.


An elegant and well balanced rapier was wielded by Remy during the Battle for Featherpeak Island.



Prior to 1485 DR, Remy had employed Derrin a handful of times for errands. The two shared a professional friendship.

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  • Last saw him sailing off into the distance on a ship as the airship crashed to the ground.

Voitrem "Remy" Tirk

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