Rivari Towerfell

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Name: Rivari Towerfell
Race: Tiefing
Class: Psion
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 72 inches (182.88 cm)
Religion: Lliira
Status: Alive



Riv is a tall, dark and handsomely… demonic. Rivari grew up dressing in the finest clothes and still tries to dress to impress even on the roads, making use of even the simplest of rags. Similarly her use of jewelry to enhance her appearance. Whilst still looking regal, Rivari also applies to her long standing Tiefling heritage and favours wearing somewhat dark colours whilst adventuring.

tumblr_nr9i5majnC1rt5wswo1_1280.pngHer brown skin has a tint of red with piercing gold eyes. Very dark blue and purple hued braided hair, kept in very good condition. Her horns go from the same colour of her skin to dark/black. She often wears jewelry on her horns, such as bands as well as her tail. Her tail is the same colour as her skin and is around 5 feet long and she often uses it almost as a third hand. Her ears are pointed but not as long as elves ears, and similarly, she has very sharply pointed teeth. This is one of the few things about her appearance and race features she is self conscious about usually, but since adventuring out in the world, she feels it adds to intimidation. She also has a septum piercing and many ear piercings, which she was used to wearing during social events back in Neverwinter.

She has numerous burn scars across body, some more prominent than others. Biggest/darker ones across her arms with different degree of healing. She has very little other scars apart from these however and is generally well groomed.


Reasonably optimistic and enthusiastic but unknowledgeable about adventuring and the world, especially outside of cities due to her noble and upper class upbringing. She does however love to talk to people and haggle, still at heart invested in the ideal of running her family business one day but this dream is becoming very secondary.

Her lack of battle knowledge makes a tad jumpy on the road and whilst she can take a hit, she always edges on being a hypochondriac. She is also opposed to direct fighting and always wants to work a way around, including suggesting ridiculous plans which often involve disguises. When actually in a fight, she tends to scream/shout/talks throughout, often cursing or shouting random noises (sometimes closes her eyes or just keeps one open). She can also sometimes be heard to be muttering the Harper’s code under her breath.

She has a deep paranoia that she will not be able to overcome the temptation of power due to her demon heritage and the blood that runs through her veins. In this way, she overcompensates by appearing and acting very feminine and graceful.
Ever since becoming a Harper Scout, she has become a lot less trusting and is more used to keeping secrets. She also is very hard working and tries to fight any cowardice she might have so she can serve them well and help the innocent.

Misses home a lot but tries to make a home on the road, collecting little nic nacs along the way.


Rivari grew up in a stable, upper class household in Neverwinter. Her parents met when doing trade, her mother (Alben) from a tiefling family of mercenaries who was trying to sell an artifact she had found on her journeys. Remir, Rivari’s father, was already part of a noble family within Neverwinter who also owned a very prestigious magic shop within the heart of the city.

She spent a lot of time growing up getting to know the history behind both sides of her family history as well as the family business. Even as a child, she wanted to take over the business and the family legacy. At an early age, she started to have very vivid and strange dreams which was the first sign of her psionic abilities. Both of her parents had arcane knowledge and didn’t know how to proceed with this development but did their best to let her explore her abilities further.

Rivari was very close to her sister, Ember, who left home at the age of 18 to explore and adventure. During this time Rivari got very comfortable in her role as the households ‘prodigy’ and future business owner. She took a lot of responsibility during this time, including direct sales and generally running of their noble household and lifestyle, including dinner parties and events, as well as involvement with their trade. As Rivari got older, she became more aware not only how powerful she could be, but the dangers of succumbing to her dark Tiefling heritage. She knew a little of her own mother’s bloody past as a mercenary for hire and her worship of Beshaba. Because of this, Rivari knows a lot about the worship of Beshaba despite herself being a follower of Lliira.

Rivari’s paranoia kept building up, causing her to become very secretive and distant from her family until one day she came into contact with a Harper Agent who came into the family’s shop. The Harper Agent, Liaris who also was a psion, could sense Rivari’s psionic powers and questioned her position and future simply being a shopkeeper. Whilst Rivari initially took offence, Liaris explained how the position of a Harper Scout would add meaning and good cause to her life. Giving her a business card for her to come to Everlund if she happened to change her mind, Liaris left. This weighed on Rivari’s mind for a while as she considered it to be a solution to her problems.

She first saw Nuria in all her gear in Neverwinter market place. Riv knew she needed someone experienced to escort her out of the city and to Everlund so started to follow Nuria around the city, but was eventually caught out as Rivari was not the most discreet. Their friendship bloomed as Nuria and Rivari agreed to travel together but eventually grew into a romantic partnership.

In the 2 years they have been travelling together, Rivari has kept in contact with her family, despite their slight disapproval of her running away. She never told them, or any one other than Nuria, that she had joined the Harper Scouts when she had gotten to Everlund, where she had trained and learnt the ways of their life as well as her job in the field.


Rivari is a very skilled telepathic psion, both in everyday life and combat but she tends to be rather secretive of her full range of abilities. She has a strong understanding of business and antiques/artifacts as well as how to sew and fashion many different items.


Before leaving home, she did pack many previsions, including a dagger, a handful of personal items including her journal, her locket which has a family portrait in it as well as other jewellery and her ritual book. She also has an engraved staff which Liaris gave her which she uses to implement her powers.

She also has a ruby and sapphire necklace in tribute to Lliira and her Harper’s pin on the inside of her robe.


She is very close to her whole extended family including many cousins and uncles as well as her parents and sister. She keeps in touch with them all and they all still live in Neverwinter or Waterdeep where the family has connections and nobility too, apart from her sister who is always on the move adventuring herself.

Liaris is an elf who travels recruiting and doing work for the Harpers.

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Rivari Towerfell

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