Ryden Holt

Candlekeep Librarian, Derrin's big brother.


Name: Ryden Holt
Race: Human
Class: -
Gender: Male
Age: 34 (born Kythorn 1451 DR)
Religion: Oghma
Status: Candlekeep



First_Avowed_Cloak.jpgRyden is of average height. He has an athletic but bony build. Ryden’s hair is a dark blonde and is kept relatively short. He sports a simple but neat beard and moustache. As a First Avowed of Candlekeep, Ryden wears a plain white robe with simple silver patchwork in a ‘v’ shape. Due to the nature of his attire, it’s unclear what Ryden carries on his person.

Ryden’s body language is extremely subtle and he rarely shows emotions. Like most inhabitants of Candlekeep, it’s not how Ryden says something that’s important, it’s what he says.


Ryden was never a particularly social person, much preferring the company of parchment and ink. The years seem not to have changed this. Those not used to the blunt and almost lifeless way in which Candlekeep librarians speak might find him rude, but Ryden is not a mean spirited man.


Ryden was born in a lumber camp east of Cloakwood Forest. Unlike a number of children born in the area, Ryden grew up alongside both his parents. Ryden also had a younger brother, Derrin. Separated by a number of years (and considering how Holt men are with expressing emotion), the two boys were never especially close but they did care for each other. Ryden was obsessed with reading and learning from a surprisingly early age. When the other children went on adventures into the woods with the woodcutters, Ryden would stay in the village and read or practice his writing. His father always encouraged Ryden’s passion for knowledge and was supportive when he was invited to study at Candlekeep. Although Ryden’s mother allowed him to leave, it took considerable convincing from both Ryden and his father.

Very little is known about Ryden’s time at Candlekeep. He wrote back a few times and was even allowed to meet with his father at a small ceremony near the gates of the citadel once. At some point between entering Candlekeep and 1485 DR, Ryden became a First Avowed making him among a handful of the most important people in Candlekeep.


Other than reading and writing little is know about Ryden’s other skills.


Going by what was seen in Ryden’s study in Candlekeep, he owns very little. He wears a simple white robe at all times (but even that may be owned by Candlekeep).


Within a few years of leaving his family, Ryden had almost completely lost touch with them. Ryden was close with parents and was particularly fond of his father. Ryden cared for his younger brother Derrin but struggled to connect due a lack of shared interests.

It’s safe to assume that Ryden knows the other First Avowed and he probably has dealings with the First Reader and Keeper of Tomes.

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Ryden Holt

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