Seawood Associate


Name: A.P.
Race: Elf
Class: Unknown (arcane)
Gender: Male
Age: -
Religion: -
Status: Deceased



Known only by his initials, A.P. was an elf of below average height. He wore expensive robes and clearly took pride in his appearance.


You only got to meet A.P. in the last few moments of his life. There was little time to learn about his personality. He did come across quite scheming or perhaps cowardly. Considering how stressed he was when you confronted him, it’s unlikely A.P. often got his hands dirty.


Sometime before Tarsakh of 1485, A.P. was responsible for convincing Kuris to work for Seawood.

In Flamerule of 1485, A.P. was part of an alliance against the Featherpeak clan. A.P. kidnapped Feldaquin Nearsight for a short while but was killed by Alkalis. A.P was killed from a spell or poison that appeared to accelerate the rate of decay in his face and body.


A.P. had some level of skill in a magical discipline but it’s hard to tell which. He was able to teleport with a degree of skill.

Considering how he manipulated Kuris, A.P. may have been particularly convincing or threatening.


A.P. wore a small headband with a blue gem at its centre. Other than that and the expensive clothing he wore, it’s unclear what he owned.


A.P. had some kind of business arrangement with Lamistan Kuris at one point.

A.P. was obviously an enemy of Alkalis towards the end of his life. How or when this relationship started is unclear.

Party notes/speculation

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  • Why kidnap Feldaquin? They needed his blood for some ritual? Seems very dodgy, we need answers to this unexplored bit of the last quest unless I am forgetting something – FM
  • Possible name and contact address: Adam Porter, Waterdeep – BB


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