Theresa Appledore

The Tank


Name: Theresa “Thom” Appledore
Race: Elf
Class: Fighter
Gender: Female
Born: 27th Flamerule 1314 DR
Died: 10th Hammer 1486 DR, aged 171
Height: 5’9" (175cm)
Religion: Tempus
Status: Deceased



Theresa is a auburn haired fighting elf from the Dalelands


Theresa prefers to stand back and asses the situation, but when needed she’ll kick doors down and get in the way.


Theresa had a relationship with a man who she knew as Alluin, who now she knows as Alkalis. She has a daughter named Aaliyah with him who he knows nothing about. She went to fight in a war that lost a lot of people close to her and her parents were killed by a certain drow who she is on a quest to destroy.

In 1485 DR Theresa had a role in the battle for Featherpeak Island.


Theresa is a strong fighter and works very well with her sword, she can also take a hit meaning she stays at the front of Purple Serenity.


Theresa keeps a drawing of her daughter with her at all times, but keeps very little else, other than provisions and her armour she keeps few other items of personal use. Possibly an orc penis or two, for a little intimidation when needed.



Theresa has a deteriorating relationship with her brother Thomas, leaving once their parents died Theresa didn’t get much of a chance to talk to him and they were unable to help each other through their own grief.

Her relationship with Aaliyah was good when she was a baby. but once Theresa decided to leave, although still caring her her daughter she was set for revenge, and had that as a higher priority.

Theresa is very loyal to Alyona, being the first of the group Theresa met, and the most pure of heart, Theresa grew fond of her. After confining her about knowing her brother, their relationship although still strengthened, wavering with the fact that Theresa was keeping some things to herself. Theresa is still protective over her, in an almost motherly way.

Theresa and Derrin, even though are not exactly bros in the physical sense, as still bros at heart, they work well as a team, and work well in fights together knowing that they protection needed to go to the other members of the team rather than each other.

Briss was always confusing to Theresa, because she did not trust her, but as time moved of Theresa has learned to trust her and accept her judgement.

Grelda was the first person to “Out” Theresa, which although Theresa confided with her, she is still rather weary, although Theresa knows that Grelda is there to protect them and heal them Theresa can see she has the least need for the group and is wary that she may stray for the path they have chosen.

Ansel is Theresa’s friend from home, he is her connection to the world before and his mother is the one looking after Aaliyah, Theresa feels guilty for what she has left him with and guilty for the fact that she did not return with him. She has promised to return to find him one day, but she doesn’t know if she would keep that promise.

Theresa Appledore

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