Thomas Appledore

Theresa's brother whose name she adopted.


Name: Thomas Appledore
Race: Elf
Class: -
Gender: Male
Age: 91 (born 30th Eleint 1394 DR)
Religion: Lathander
Status: -



Thom is the younger brother of Theresa, he has brown hair with copper tints and is tall and lanky.


Thomas was quite shy. As he grew older Thomas became more focussed on religion and would spend time helping the local priests.


Thomas grew up with both his parents and his sister and was happy just being with his family, he made a few friends who he spent most of his time with when not with his sister. Thomas was not that fond of Alluin as he took his sister away from him, and in the end, Thomas still blamed him for everything that happened. When his parents died he moved in with his aunt, and when his sister returned he met his niece, every so often he goes to visit her, but without his sister there it doesn’t feel right.


Like many elves, Thomas had a good understanding of healing spells and medicine.


Thomas has a trunk full of his parents and sisters thing that he got from their house, he keeps them under his bed and has never opened them. He has a drawing of his whole family sat together that he keeps by his bed.



Thomas is close with his aunt.

Thomas was close with his older sister ,Theresa, but after the death of their parents their distance and mental states kept them apart and they are yet to truly talk about what happened.

He still visits Aaliyah on occasion, and she calls him her uncle.

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Thomas Appledore

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