Boar druid


Name: Wirt
Race: Gnome
Class: Druid
Gender: Male
Age: 46 (1431 DR)
Religion: Mielikki
Status: Alive, Cloakwood



Wirt is quite muscley for a gnome and his tattoos are far less consistent than the other druids in Cloakwood. His most distinguishing feature is a large burn scar that runs down the right side of his head to his upper chest.


Wirt is extremely friendly and talkative, often too much so. He can be very touchy feely when talking to people, especially new people. He can be quite blunt and rough with his words which makes him stand out from the more serene and peaceful druids.


Wirt was born in Baldur’s Gate and spent his early years tending to his father’s market stool. Here he gained the gift of the gab as a salesman. At 18 he left the city to go adventuring and quickly fell in love with the countryside. He began to worship Silvanus as a paladin.

Wirt joined the Folks in the Forest when he was 24, after exploring Cloakwood with a few of his adventuring friends. His companions returned to their adventuring lives after Wirt told them he was staying. He quickly learned the ways of the druids and aided in their tireless efforts.

in 1484 DR he found Bethany on one of his annual trips to Baldur’s Gate. She was quite ill when Wirt found her and he took her back to Cloakwood where she was fed and healed. Since then Bethany has become a member of the Folks in the Forest and Wirt continues to swell with pride when he sees how she is settling in.


Wirt was a paladin before joining the Folks in the Forest making him a skilled healer and warrior.

Wirt is one of the few druids who leaves the forest on a regular basis. This allows him to serve a number of roles. The most important being a sort of ambassador for the druids when dealing with lumberjacks and farmers on the outskirts of the forest. Wirt has also been responsible for bringing in a number of outsiders to join the ranks of the Folks in the Forest.

Wirt’s favoured animal form is a haggard boar with gnarled tusks. The boar is a little larger than Wirt in his gnome form.


Wirt’s most prized possession is a hip flask which he regularly steals from his friend Yarric. The flask has never belonged to Wirt, but he and Yarric have a running joke where they try and steal it from one another.


Wirt takes annual trips to Baldur’s Gate where he keeps in touch with his family and friends from his previous life. On these trips, Wirt also gathers supplies and information for the druids that is harder to come by in the forest.

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