Eagle Druid


Name: Ytton
Race: Elf
Class: Druid
Gender: Female
Age: 59 (1426 DR)
Religion: Chauntea
Status: Alive, Cloakwood



Ytton’s most distinguishing feature is a large scar across left side of her face and eye.

Ytton’s tattoo covers all but her head and features many images of birds. Like most elladrin and many elves, Ytton’s tattoo’s were not created with a needle and ink. They were imbued with a magical paint that never penetrates the skin and instead sits on the surface permanently.


Ytton embodies the ethereal, fey characteristics that are typical of elves. Although confident and driven Ytton prefers stay out of people’s personal lives. Ytton’s rarely raises her voice, speaking in a near whisper. Despite this, she is rarely ignored or spoken over – if Ytton has something to say, everyone else listens.

Ytton’s connection with birds is such a part of her that the birds of the forest seem drawn to her even in her elven form. She can often be seen whispering to birds and it’s quite likely that she is able to use them as part of her scout network.


Ytton started her life in another druid tribe. The druids in the Misty Forest to the north maintain friendly contact with the Folk in the Forest and it was through this connection that Ytton came to live in Cloakwood.


Ytton’s role in Oak is as a scout, taking eagle form, Ytton’s explores the outskirts of the forest keeping track of the lumberers and monsters.

Ytton’s preferred animal form is a large eagle. All Ytton’s animal forms share her facial scar.


Ytton’s is one of only a few druids in Cloakwood that carries a sword. The long elven blade is tempered with magical runes that reveal her heritage in the Misty Forest.


Ytton’s is one of Dwenn’s most trusted advisers in Oak.

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