Adventure Index

This page collects all the adventures, sorted chronologically and collected into campaigns.

The Little Project

He Who Plants a Tree

  • Olaf’s Tower
  • The Dungeon of Bhaal
  • Into the Woods
  • The Folk in the Forest
  • When Druids go to War
  • Hair of a God
  • Through the Void

The Disappearance of Lady Vannath

  • Errands and Security
  • The Dwarven Mine
  • The Kindness of Ghosts
  • The Search Begins
  • The Spellslayer Dungeon
  • The Trial of Grelda Silverthorne
  • Feigning Dead
  • The Cursed Island

The Depths of Revenge

  • A Daughter’s Lament
  • The Red Fort
  • The Drow and Her Friends
  • The Labyrinth
  • Blood and Fire

Born of my Blood

  • YĆ»lash
  • The Strange Case of Amilya Grayheart
  • The Crown of the North
  • The Waterdeep Mafia
  • Questions Answered
  • Return to the Tower
  • Robberies in the Nighttime

Sanguine (aka The Lost Briss Campaign)

  • Ghosts in Athkatla
  • One Step Behind
  • A Priest in the East
  • Life’s Author
  • The Shambar Saints
  • Family Reunion

Cloak and Dagger

Adventure Index

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