Cadogan Family

Name: Cadogan Family
Type: Family/house
Base: Ancestoral home in Silverymoon
Leader: Zola & Bailey Cadogan
Symbol: A silver crescent moon containing three red stars
Motto: “With steel in hand and silver in heart”
Formed: 1299 DR
Allies: Knights in Silver, Embergloom family
Status: Active

The Cadogan Family is a noble family originating out of Silverymoon. The family was awarded a coat of arms in 1299 but had been a wealthy family of influence for several generations prior. The vast wealth of the family comes from numerous farms and gardens which grow rare and common herbs as well as several plants required for the manufacture of ink. Like many noble families of Silverymoon, the Cadogans have a long standing tradition of service among the Knights in Silver. More notably, a number of Cadogans have also served in the Spellguard.


The family are rumoured to be descendants of Lady Wolf (the much loved ruler of Silverymoon who died in battle in 882 DR). Although there is little evidence of this lineage much of the family consider it fact. Sometime prior to 900 DR, the Cadogan family made their fortune trading herbs and inks. By 1020, the family had amassed enough wealth to no longer actively work, instead acting as the company’s administrators. The family still oversees the company, which grows herbs and plants at several locations in Faerun. Meredith Cadogan currently acts as Chief Administrator.

Recent History

After a short adventuring career, Charles Cadogan joined the Knights in Silver in 1292 and within a few years was part of the High Guard (veteran knights charged with protecting the palace). The family was a well established part of the aristocracy and Charles’ exceptional work in the High Guard gained the attention of his ruler, the High Mage Alustriel Silverhand. As a result, the family was granted a coat of arms in 1299 DR. Charles would often recall the awarding ceremony and subsequent celebration as the single happiest day of his life. He had financial stability, the respect of his High Mage and more importantly a son and a pregnant wife whom he loved. He had provided his family with safety and security for all time.

After the death of his son Cedric, Charles began to fear that his noble house would disappear just a few decades after it was legitimized. In 1321, Charles arranged for his daughter Lucy to marry Drew Embergloom. Joining his house to the mighty Emberglooms of Sundabar was Charles’ desperate attempt to provide his fatherless grandson with strong allies. Charles and Marianne attended the wedding just a month before their death.

Drew Embergloom was the youngest of seven siblings and as a result was never raised to be a leader. As a result, many other noble families considered the pairing folly. They suspected that the young, inexperienced couple would soon run the family into ruin. Within a few years, these fears would prove unfounded.

Drew quickly fell in love with Lucy and became devoted to her remaining family. After a tragic accident killed Charles and Marianne, Lucy requested that Drew move to Silverymoon to help raise her nephew and provide her family stability. Drew gladly obliged. Over the next few decades Lucy and Drew defied expectations, solidifying both the Emberglooms and Cadogans as well respected families of Silverymoon. Drew worked
tirelessly his whole life to protect and empower his wife’s pre-marital family name. His dedication to the house made him a Cadogan in all but name and lead some of his family in Sundabar to joke that if struck down, Drew would ‘bleed silver’. Drew wore this thinly veiled insult as the highest flattery and even today his tomb is engraved with the words, “Born of fiery embers with silvery blood in his heart." Charles laid the foundations of the Cadogan house but Drew and Lucy made it into the mighty family that can be seen today.



Silverymoon has been the home of the Cadogan family for generations. The earliest known Cadogan residence was a large home within the Old Wall around the mid 900s. In 1136, Helena Cadogan oversaw the construction of Earthshine in the north east district of the city.

Earthshine has since been the ancestral home of the family. The building is constructed of a white stone with polished marble detailing. A large portion of the front and western wall is covered in a red leafed climbing plant giving the large building a stunning appearance, especially when it catches the light at sundown. The plant bears a lightly toxic fruit in winter which can be brewed to make cider.

Being within the city walls, there is no room for vast grounds and Earthshine has a humble walled garden in which grow a variety of exotic plants. Plants not suited to grow in the harsh Silverymoon climate are grown in an enchanted greenhouse attached to the main house. The garden’s are kept by house staff but Sophia Hunt spends much of her free time tending to the rarer herbs as part of her study.

Over three stories, the building has ten bedrooms (six with en-suites), seven of which are occupied by the family. The building also contains a library, dining room, two bathrooms, two lounges, an armoury/gallery and a study. The expansive basement contains a wine cellar,kitchen and the servant quarters. A hardworking team of two cooks, a butler, housekeeper and four servants reside here. The family also owns a small team of guards who live off premises. Working in shifts, two guards are always stationed at the entrance.

A number of members of the extended Cadogan family also live in Silverymoon. Harper and Sophia Avery live with their son Owen in a more humble home in the centre of the city. Christina Hunt lives in comfortable accommodation payed for by the city thanks to her role as a leading politician. The Icekeep family live above their family owned tavern, Helmer’s Wall, in Northbank.


In 1355, Karina Cadogan moved to Waterdeep in order to study medicine and the art of healing. By 1359 Karina was an qualified apothecary of Waterdeep and bought her own humble apartment in the city above a small shop. There she sold potions and remedies and provided her healing services to residents and travellers. Her father, Victor was immensely proud of Karina. Within a few years Victor bought land outside Waterdeep to expand the family’s herb growing business. The slightly warmer climate combined with Karina’s contacts medical contacts in Waterdeep meant that the family’s business expanded rapidly over the next few years.

Within a few weeks of Karina opening her shop, a traveller named Margo visited with terrible injuries and stayed for a few nights while Karina tended to her. Once her wounds were healed the woman disappeared. Two months later she reappeared at Karina’s shop deathly ill from a vicious poison. Karina healed her over several days and Margo disappeared again. Sometimes Margo would vanish for just a week or two, once she was gone for 6 months. This continued for five years. In 1365 Karina’s patience ran out and she and Margo were married in the House of the Moon at midnight. Margo’s comings and going became less frequent after this. She stayed longer and spent less time away. In 1369 the pair adopted a baby boy who had been left at the House of the Moon.



Cadogan Family

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