Featherpeak Airship

An Airship of Feldaquin’s creation.

It caused much uproar and many wished for its failure. This lead to the mysterious Seawood employee A.P. making a deal with Kuris to use elemental power to disrupt the skies with hurricanes. Seawood (and others) continued to try and destroy this project, even infiltrating Featherpeak Island. This resulted in a battle on the Featherpeak Island lead by the Featherpeak’s rivals, the Highwings, and the Seawood company, as well as other groups which had been scorned during Feldaquin’s extreme attempts for his airship’s success.

The ship did fly for only a short period of time as it, for currently unknown reasons, failed and crashed into the ocean.

It seemed to rely on rune magic and possibly a magical anti gravity gem.

Featherpeak Airship

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