Featherpeak Family

Name: Featherpeak Family
Type: Family/house
Base: Featherpeak Island
Leader: Voitrem “Remy” Tirk
Symbol: Various crests
Formed: Before 1300 DR
Allies: Purple Serenity
Enemies: Highwing Family, Seawood Company
Status: Active


The Featherpeaks are led by a patriarch or matriarch who has autocratic authority over the extended family. The role of family leader carries the title, High Lord of Featherpeak.

Other close family members exercise varying degrees of power within the family. Other key roles in the family include Primus Navis, Primus Spectus and Primus Lingus.


Originally the Featherpeak were adventurers and protectors of the realm. Over the years these activities have slowly disappeared.

These days the family owns and oversees several profitable ventures along the sword coast. On the whim of Feldaquin, the family have spent the last few years acquiring information and artefacts to build an airship.

Base of Operations

Main article: Featherpeak Island

After Quintos Featherpeak retired from adventuring in 1353 DR, he founded Featherpeak Island in the Sea of Swords. The island acted as a home and sanctuary for his friends and growing family.

The Island remains the base of the family although they own a number of properties along the Sword Coast.


The Featherpeaks are ludicrously wealthy and own acres of land, countless valuables, a small private militia, an armed fleet and an impressive range of natural and magical beasts.


The Featherpeak and Highwing families have a long running feud that has grown from dozens of small petty disagreements. They have technically been at war twice, most recently in 1485 DR during the Battle of Featherpeak Island.


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Notable Members

Featherpeak Family

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