Folk in the Forest

Located in Cloakwood. Broken up into different camps of druids, each with a leader. Before their camps, the forest contains dangers which repel potential stragglers or explorers as to discourage entry into the forest. Their camps surround the radius of the time sensitive portal, The Way, which is being used by Vorbak the Terrible to send armies through forward in time. Whilst they cannot control the portal, the druid camps all work together to protect the forest and keep Vorbak’s army from leaving the forest alive. The numerous lumberjack disappearances have been linked to them helping the druids protect and defend.

Leader: Ancel

  • The east-most camp
  • Made up of huts that have been built into the ground and earth, with steps going into the buildings


  • A underground theme, with houses set into the ground with tunnels


Leader: Herma

  • This druid group is known for their stealthiness

Leader: Dwenn ‘Old Oak’ Brown
Members: Bethany, Hanni, Deacon Holt, Wirt, Yarric, Ytton

  • Is made up of many tree houses but, due to their animal shapeshifting techniques, lacks bridges and ladders
  • Has a giant glittering waterfall coming from the top of a tree, with potential magic properties

Folk in the Forest

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