Kuris' Tower

Name: Purple Tower
Type: Tower
Floors: B, G, 1, 2, 3, R
Location: North of Baldur’s Gate
Owner: Purple Cloaks (previously Kuris)
Staff: Hilcey, Borlabog, Sophie
Occupants: Purple Cloaks


About two days travel north from Baldur’s Gate, the tower is perched on a cliff overlooking the south bank of the Winding Water.


The tower sits isolated about a mile west of the Trade Way road surrounded by empty grass plains.


The tower is four storeys tall but only has one small window. The tower is lit inside by magical torches and light sources. The tower is built from an unknown stone.

The basement level is small and separated into one large room and a small, a small storage room and a 4-celled prison block. The tower was constructed for the purpose of studying and harnessing elemental power.


The tower is currently home to a well know adventuring party. Those in need of adventurer’s can meet with the group here and discuss their service. The individuals talents of the group can also share their skills here; healing, transcribing, herbology and combat training.


The tower is protected by a wide circular wall providing a physical barrier. The wall is covered in enchanted ivy which repels any who try to climb or even leap over the wall (the range of this protection is not yet known). The wall has one entrance which requires a simple puzzle to be solved to gain entry.

The tower has been observed to hide itself in another plane when left empty for an extended amount of time.


The elemental wizard Kuris built the tower some time in the mid 1440s DR. This tower was used as his home and place of work for many decades while he studied the power of elemental beings. The tower once had a large bulb shaped beacon at the top. This was used to amplify spells and energy across large distances. The basement once housed two elementals while Kuris studied them.

In 1485 DR a group of adventurers sought out Kuris and ended his operation. The tower was left empty but vanished soon after. Several month later the adventurers discovered the tower had hidden itself in an elemental dimension. The group were able to restore it to Aber-Toril and were granted ownership of the tower by it’s old owner, Kuris.

Kuris' Tower

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