The Adventures of the Purple Cloaks

With barely enough time to catch a breath, the party find themselves stuck in right in the middle of another tangled web of clues and conspiracies

This is an on-going Dungeons & Dragons campaign set along the Sword Coast in the ever-popular Forgotten Realms. We play a slightly tweaked version of 4th Edition.

The Party

The group is playing through an on-going narrative which links all the adventures and campaigns together. If a character dies (a rare occurrence), the player can introduce a new character into the group at the same level. The party are mostly around Level 8 at the moment.

Current Members

Millie Mudd. Human. Bard. Female
Tangim Grub. Gnome. Cleric. Male

Previous Members

Alyona Ashbrow. Half-elf. Illusionist Wizard. Female.
Briss. Half-elf. Rogue (vampire). Female.
Derrin Holt. Human. Two Blade Ranger. Male.
Ansel Pip. Elf. Fighter. Male
Atar Pridebane. Doppleganger. Warlock. Male.
Theresa Appledore. Elf. Fighter. Female. (deceased)
Grelda Silverthorn. Eladrin. Cleric. Female. (on leave)
Deacon Holt. Human. Druid. Male. (NPC)
Maescia Arkenth. Drow. Assassin. Female (NPC) (deceased)

The Story So Far…

The narrative reigns supreme in this group. The adventures and campaigns are all homemade and connected to serve a number of overarching plots. At the end of each campaign there are several narrative threads for the party to pull on which will decide the direction of their next campaign.

Click here for an organised index of adventures.

Current in-game date: Greengrass (first day of spring), 1490 DR

The Purple Cloaks

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