Bentley Mirrorshade

Owner of Friendly Arm Inn


Name: Bentley Mirrorshade
Race: Gnome
Class: Illusionist
Gender: Male
Age: -
Religion: Garl Glittergold
Status: Alive, Friendly Arm Inn, Coast Way


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Bentley’s once curly ginger hair has now all but left his head. The hair on his face and chin is silvery white. Bentley’s famously large nose has only grown larger in his old age.


Bentley was a smart and alert gnome, even into his old age. Decades behind the bar have made Bentley extremely friendly and tolerant of all races and cultures.


Bentley was a skilled illusionist and adventurer. He completed numerous quests with his wife Gellana and their companions.

In 1346 DR, Bentley and his wife Gellana retired from adventuring after slaying an evil cleric and clearing out the fortress where she lived. After renovating the fortress, the pair founded the Friendly Arm Inn.


As well as being a powerful illusionist, Bentley was known to particularity skilled with sleight of hand.


Bentley was a very wealthy gnome. Local rumours say that had access to a private portal somewhere in or around the Friendly Arm Inn.


Bentley’s wife runs the temple in the grounds of the Friendly Arm Inn.

Dozens of adventuers come through the Friendly Arm each week. This means that many of the most famous heroes of the Sword Coast know Bentley.

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  • We have a room (the best room) there if and when we return, free of charge after helping him. – FM

Bentley Mirrorshade

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