Storm Winterwild

The Lost Lady


Name: Storm Winterwild
Race: Elf
Class: -
Gender: Female
Age: -
Religion: -
Status: Presumed dead



Storm Winterwild was of average height with straight white hair and icy blue eyes. She wore traditional elven clothing; long flowing robes – often white or shades of grey.


Storm Winterwild was a lively and turbulent figure who’s energy and lust for life was unmatched by the other inhabitants of Featherpeak Island.


In 1391 DR, Storm married Bastion Featherpeak. Due to the fiery, adventuring spirit within all Featherpeaks, Bastion died in 1404 DR (when he was only 36). Storm and Bastion had twin sons; Fortus and Lunas. The boys both died in 1420 DR on an epic adventure.

The deaths of her family had a dramatic effect on Storms vibrant personality. She was never the same again. Storm tried to spend time with her grandson Julius, but seeing the child was a constant reminder of Bastion. Storm was knew that she would one day have to attend Julius’ funeral and was afraid to get attached to him. She would spend days at a time mourning at the family crypts, then weeks at a time, sleeping in the chapel. Eventually she stopped coming back to the mansion.

It’s suspected that her grief lead her to jump from the cliffs and rumour has it that her weeping ghost still haunts the now isolated crypts.


Storm was skilled with a blade and knew an impressive amount of magic. She would often practice in the courtyard and put on vibrant displays for guests. After the death of Bastion, Storm stopped practising these skills and lead a far more sober life until her suspected suicide in the early 1420s.


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In 1388 DR Storm met Bastion in the High Forest during Bastion’s first solo adventure. The pair immediately fell in love and continued to go on adventures together until Storm fell pregnant in 1392 DR. Storm and Bastion were a perfect match, their personalities complimenting each other perfectly.

Bastion’s father, Quintos was overjoyed when he was was introduced to Storm. Storm and Bastion’s relationship reminded Quintos of when he and Faith were young. Although Storm was technically older than her father-in-law, her and Quintos did share a very father-daughterly relationship. Quintos would delight in telling Storm tales of his adventuring youth.

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  • Potentially the woman leading the ninja like warriors at the ship battle against the Highwings? – FM

Storm Winterwild

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